Fleet management digitalised: How an Egyptian business speeded up operations and reduced costs

Thursday 16 Jun 2022

Cloud Services Group (CSG), an experienced provider of IoT solutions and cloud services from Egypt, highlights the huge potential of automation for trucking businesses in the region over the simple GPS tracking systems used by many local fleet owners today.


“We believe that IoT [internet of things] technologies are untapped in the Egyptian fleet management market,” stated Mahmoud El-Dessouky – CEO of CSG, an experienced provider of IoT solutions and cloud services from Egypt. 

Manual processes too expensive

In Egypt, many transport companies still choose to manage their fleets manually and are reluctant to invest in high-tech automation systems. Yet, the operational activities eat up a lot of a company’s resources. Extensive administrative work, including paperwork, time-consuming tasks, and potential errors, hinders productivity and can cause substantial expenses for a business in the long run.

To illustrate the benefits of process digitalisation, El-Dessouky brought up a project implemented by CSG in 2021. They offered a comprehensive fleet management solution  to Sky Logistics, a logistics operator that rents out construction machinery and delivers equipment across Egypt.

“The major problem at Sky Logistics was their dependency on manual-based processes while dispatching and monitoring fleet missions. They wanted to change it,” said El-Dessouky. The client asked to automate the day-to-day operations of their fleet to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

CSG made data work for the fleet

CSG developed dedicated software, Fleet Edge Master, consisting of 11 fleet management and tracking modules. The solution is built on top of Wialon, a multi-purpose platform for GPS tracking and IoT, and uses its specific features for delivery management.

GPS trackers and other sensors installed on all Sky Logistics’ vehicles collect comprehensive data, such as location, fuel consumption, temperature, weight, and sends it to Wialon. With this information, fleet managers track vehicles and evaluate driver performance in Fleet Edge Master. The new truck tracking system enables operators to plan routes and missions much quicker and automatically manage delivery orders, which also minimises the probability of human error.

To ensure reliable and fast communications with the staff en route or in the field, CSG created a mobile application for staff tracking. Additionally, each vehicle was equipped with a tablet connected to the solution, and now drivers get immediate notifications and see data they need to complete their mission.

The major difficulty during the implementation was the adoption of the telematics solution by the end users. “They were unwilling to switch to digitalised processes and preferred to accept the drawbacks of the manual approach in managing a fleet,” said El-Dessouky. But the data accuracy, faster handling, easy staff communication, and the ability to control all operations of the entire fleet in a single system helped change this mindset.

Thirty percent faster

As a result of digitalisation, Sky Logistics’ fleet management has been totally transformed. “Their fleet operations have become smooth and efficient. The operators now have control over every shipment and every truck and use a wide range of functionalities to monitor and effectively measure the performance of the fleet as a whole,” summed up El-Dessouky.

And what about actual figures? They speak for themselves. Sky Logistics reduced the total time spent by each vehicle in the course of a single mission by around 30 percent, and this affects the total savings on operational costs.

With the new solution, the client fixed their problem of slow, unreliable manual processes and enhanced business efficiency. Now they are thinking of creating a command-and-control center that would provide 360-degree visibility for their fleet 24/7.

A globally recognised solution

In 2021, CSG’s project was named the best in the special recognition category in IoT project of the year, a global contest of telematics and IoT projects. The team behind Wialon, the world’s leading GPS tracking solution, hosts the competition annually. The mission of the contest is to show the diversity of areas where IoT can be used and appreciate advantages IoT technologies bring.

This year, Wialon is holding the IoT project of the year for the third time and invites companies from all over the globe to participate. Projects can be from any industry, and no restriction is set as to the software or hardware used. Efficiency and creativity are among the key criteria.

The call for applications started on 24 May. Submit your project here to make it known globally!

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