Prosecution orders 4-day detention of man in killing of Mansoura University's Nayera Ashraf

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Tuesday 21 Jun 2022

The public prosecution ordered the four-day detention of a Mansoura University student after he slaughtered his female colleague on Monday for turning down his marriage proposal.

Nayra Ashraf
The victim, Nayra Ashraf.


The victim, Nayera, appeared in an appalling video circulated on social media over the past few hours showing the accused attacking her in front of the gate of Mansoura University and stabbing her multiple times in the neck and chest. 

The footage showed that the assailant was later attacked and restrained by bystanders.

Hours later, police notified the prosecution that the victim had her throat slit with a knife by the assailant, who was arrested with the knife in his possession.

An official statement by the country’s public prosecution on Tuesday said that the defendant confessed to deliberately murdering the victim due to what he called “disputes” between them and also due to her refusal to marry him.

The accused, the statement added, re-enacted his attack, explaining in detail how he planned on committing his crime and carrying it out. 

The defendant also confirmed the validity of the videos recorded by surveillance cameras in the area of the accident.

Furthermore, the prosecution said it took the statements of Nayera’s parents and sister in addition to a fellow university student, who all said the victim had repeatedly been approached by the defendant after “the failure of their relationship and her refusal to marry him.”

They also told the prosecution that the victim had drawn up restraining orders against the defendant nearly two months ago, the statement pointed out.

Additionally, the prosecution said it took the statements of 13 other eyewitnesses, including students and staff at the university, who all confirmed that the defendant committed the crime.

The prosecution pointed out that it ordered an examination to be conducted on the body of the victim to determine the found wounds and show the cause of death.

On Monday, the prosecution said in its first statement on the incident that it found wounds on the victim’s neck, chest, and other areas.

The prosecution also warned against circulating footage of the crime or speculating about the assailant’s motives, saying that this can “directly affect the integrity of the investigation,” compromise evidence, disturb public order, and cause harm to the victim’s family.

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