NCHR delegation tours Damanhour Correctional and Rehabilitation Centre

Ahram Online , Tuesday 21 Jun 2022

A delegation of the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) visited Damanhour Correctional and Rehabilitation Centre on Sunday. The centre was recently inaugurated to replace a number of traditional old prisons.

Damanhour Correctional and Rehabilitation Centre
Inmates crafting in one of the handicraft workshops of Damanhour Correctional and Rehabilitation Centre, on Sunday 19 June, 2022.


The tour included meetings with prisoners' families at a reception hall designated for visits, a statement by NCHR said on Monday, adding that the families affirmed "the good treatment and appreciation" from the centre's personnel.

Furthermore, the delegation visited the facility’s "well-equipped" medical centre, handicraft workshops, literacy classrooms as well as the mosque, church, kitchen, and various sports courts.

According to the NCHR, delegation members also inspected the centre's cellblocks and ensured that the number of inmates does not exceed the facility's housing capacity in accordance with specifications announced by the Ministry of Interior's Community Protection Sector (CPS).

Moreover, delegation members held conversations with several prisoners at the workout areas to learn about living conditions in the centre, the statement stated.

The NCHR said that the delegation was also briefed on the latest methods of prisoners’ rehabilitation and behaviour evaluation through human development lectures delivered by experts at the CPS.

Major General Tariq Marzouk, Assistant Minister for Community Protection, told the delegation that the ministry prioritises human development in its adopted plan to upgrade the country's correctional and rehabilitation facilities, the NCHR's statement said.

Minister of Interior Mahmoud Tawfiq has ordered the establishment of a specialised training centre to achieve this purpose, Marzouk added, noting that the ministry annually provides the latest training courses for police personnel as well.

Having new correctional and rehabilitation centres is a real move towards a modern punitive policy that depends on top-notch technologies as well as specialised reform and rehabilitation programmes, the interior ministry said in a previous statement.

The newly inaugurated Damanhour Correctional and Rehabilitation Centre accommodates almost 2,500 intimates.

Last Autumn, Egypt inaugurated Wadi Al-Natroun Rehabilitation Centre, which became the largest prison complex in the country comprising eight prisons.

The Interior Ministry has announced its intention to establish similar complexes in the near future. 

According to statements by the interior ministry, the new centres comprise sub-units with air ventilation and sunlight throughout the day to prisoners.

These centres also have TV screens that display cultural, sports, entertainment, and rehabilitation programmes, in addition to libraries, educational classrooms, handicraft rooms, yards, and waiting areas for guests covered with solar cells.

Wadi Al-Natroun Centre contains a court complex with eight courtrooms where inmates can attend their trials instead of being transferred to court houses.

Furthermore, the ministry constructed technical, industrial, and agricultural schools in the centre in cooperation with the education ministry.

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