Explainer: What you need to know about Egypt's first monorail

Jehad El-Sayed , Wednesday 22 Jun 2022

Representing a qualitative leap in local transportation, Egypt’s first monorail is set to operate by 2023, with its two lines extending for almost 100km, making it the longest monorail network in the world.

File Photo: A train of Egypt's first monorail on its track at the New Administrative Capital. (Photo courtesy of Egyptian Ministry of Transportation)


The monorail, which will be Egypt’s most advanced means of mass-transportation, will link Cairo, New Cairo’s Fifth Settlement, the New Administrative Capital, and 6th of October City.

The monorail is among various methods of green transportation that Egypt has been constructing in order to improve mobility for its population, reduce emissions, and ease traffic congestion. These include light rail transit (LRT), the high-speed electric train and the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system

It consists of two lines: the East Nile Line – or the New Administrative Capital Line – connects the administrative capital to New Cairo’s Fifth Settlement and Cairo’s Nasr City district. The West Nile Line – known as the 6th of October Line – links 6th of October City to the Arab League headquarters in downtown Cairo.

Below are details about Egypt’s first monorail:

  • The monorail is a sustainable means of green mass transportation, since it runs on electricity instead of diesel.
  • Designed to run at 90 km/hour, the monorail will be entirely autonomous, operating without a driver.
  • A consortium of Orascom, Alstom, and Arab Contractors companies has been implementing the project.
  • The New Administrative Capital Line will have 40 trains, and the 6th October Line will have 30 trains.
  • Each train consists of four cars, with a plan for them to be doubled with the increase in population density in the new urban areas it serves.
  • The monorail’s headway duration will be 90 seconds.
  • Each of the monorail lines will have the capacity to transport 600,000 passengers a day.
  • Its carriages will feature illuminated maps for the route to help the hearing impaired, in addition to screens to provide passengers with information about the trip.
  • The carriages will also provide specified places for wheelchairs to serve people with limited mobility.
  • The monorail stations will have screen doors placed on platforms to ensure the safety of passengers.
  • The New Administrative Capital Line consists of 22 stations over 56.5 km.
  • The New Administrative Capital Line will be connected to Cairo’s third metro line at Cairo Stadium Station in Nasr City district, and will intersect with the LRT at the new capital’s station of the Arts and Culture Centre.
  • The 6th of October Line will run along 42km with 12 stations.
  • The October line will intersect with Cairo’s third metro line at Mohandesin’s Wadi Al-Nile Station and with the high-speed electric train at Engineers Syndicate Station in 6th of October City.
  • The ticket price has not yet been officially announced, although the transport minister has indicated that it could be somewhere around EGP 25.
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