Egypt to continue building advanced state, stable society: Sisi on ninth anniversary of 30 June

Nada Nader, Thursday 30 Jun 2022

Egypt will continue to build an advanced state, a secure homeland, and a stable and vibrant society, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said on Thursday in a televised address to the nation on the ninth anniversary of the 30 June Revolution.

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi gives a speech on the 9th anniversary of June 30th Revolution. Presidency.


On the popular uprising he said that “the Egyptians declared to the entire world that their calm was nothing but power, their patience, rigidity, and tolerance were wisdom that reconciled with time.”

30 June – which is a national paid holiday – marks the day in 2013 when millions of Egyptians took to the street to demand that then-president Mohamed Morsi leave office.

In his speech, El-Sisi stated that the revolution proved that the voice of Egypt was heard, and it was too big to be hijacked, stressing that “Egypt's destiny will be determined by its loyal sons only.”

El-Sisi pointed out that the 30 June Revolution represented a challenge and is currently regarded as the compass that inspires Egypt to confront the present challenges, referring to the state’s fight against ferocious waves of terrorism and economic crises.

“The spirit of the 30 June Revolution... is a ray of light that leads and inspires us in confronting the current challenges, after our success" in beating the obstacles that people with malicious intentions "hoped would break and destroy us,” he said.

The president emphasised the progress that the country is witnessing at present, saying “We did not take these challenges as an excuse to delay our battle for development and progress. We proceeded in both paths in tandem -- survival and construction.”

He noted that the economic aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian crisis was huge and the war caused an unprecedented food crisis, in terms of availability and prices.

El-Sisi lauded the economic reform programme the state has been implementing since 2016.

“I tell you with all honesty that if it were not for the National Programme for Economic Reform, which has been implemented successfully and accurately since 2016 and the development efforts achieved in the past years in which we raced against time, confronting the repercussions of the current international situation would have been extremely difficult,” the president said.

Egypt is on the right path with a solid national will that seeks nothing but public interest, El-Sisi added. 

“It [the state] does not focus on anything but achieving your aspirations towards a decent life and a safe future. Egypt overcame difficulties throughout its ancient history and I am confident that it will overcome the current international crises and their local repercussions,” he said, addressing the Egyptian people.

The president paid tribute to Egypt’s martyrs from the Armed Forces and police.

“We remember our righteous martyrs from the Armed Forces and police. We tell their families that..they live in our hearts and in the conscience of this honourable homeland, which will never forget their benevolence,” he said.



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