Egyptian 90’s pop stars Mohamed Fouad, Hisham Abbas, Ehab Tawfik rock Assiut

Ahram Online , Friday 8 Jul 2022

Egyptian 90’s pops stars; Mohamed Fouad, Hisham Abbas and Ehab Tawfik performed in a big concert in Assiut last Friday that was attended by thousands of spectators.

Fouad, Hisham Abbas and Ehab Tawfik


Marking the celebrations of the 30 June Revolution, the trio were keen to express their excitement over performing for a full-house audience, sharing old memories in the Upper Egypt city.

Opening the concert; Tawfik, 56, has sang some of his most known hits like Sahrany, Ya Ahla Menhom, Maraseil, Dany, Allah Alaik ya Seidy and Tetragga Feya among other songs.

Hisham Abbas, 58, then took the stage performing his evergreen hits Yertrabba Fi Ezzo, Keda Reda, Saa L-Albak Ya Gamil among other hits.

Mohamed Fouad, 60, ended the night with a selection of his well-memorised songs like Kamannana, Khadny El-Haneen, Ana Law Habibak, Ibn Balad and other hits.

The three singers then merged in singing patriotic anthem Ya Aghla Esm Fil Wogoud with the audience singing along.

The three were among the top selling singers of the cassette golden era in the 80’s and 90’s, with tens of their albums hitting the Egyptian and Arab world’s top charts.

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