Cairo’s public transport increases ticket prices by 7% following fuel price hikes

Ahram Online , Wednesday 13 Jul 2022

Cairo governorate announced on Wednesday that it has raised the ticket prices of public transport by seven percent following the decision of the Fuel Automatic Pricing Committee (FAPC) to raise fuel prices for various octanes.

Cairo s public transport


According to the governorate, the fare of public buses increased by EGP 0.5, while the fare of buses and microbuses from the countryside to Cairo increased by not more than seven percent.

The white taxi’s opening fare increased to EGP 7.5, up from EGP 7, while each km will be charged for EGP 3.5 instead of EGP 3. The taxi's first hour of waiting was raised from EGP 17 to EGP 18, with every hour onwards increasing from EGP 8 to EGP 8.5.

The Ministry of Local Development recently stated that the fares of public buses nationwide would witness an increase of between 5-7 percent. 

Egypt’s FAPC raised on Wednesday fuel prices for various octanes by EGP 0.5 to EGP 1 per litre, keeping the price of mazut for electricity and food industries fixed, during the third quarter of the year due to the global rise in oil prices.

The FAPC raised the price of a litre of 80-octance gasoline from EGP 7.5 to EGP 8, a litre of 92-octance from EGP 8.75 to EGP 9.25, and a litre of 95-octance from EGP 9.75 to EGP 10.75, according to a statement by the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.

The price of diesel and kerosine rose from EGP 6.75 to EGP 7.25 per litre. 

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