Mounir emotionally rocks Alexandria, mourns Roman Bunka, features Black Theama

Eslam Omar , Saturday 16 Jul 2022

Egyptian superstar Mohamed Mounir — dubbed ‘The King’ — entertained thousands of fans in Alexandria on Friday in a big concert that marks his first performance in the coastal city in almost a decade.



The concert — which started with the track Hila, as usual — witnessed a number of emotional moments in which the 67-year-old singer shed tears and expressed his excitement over meeting his beloved fans, given his rare performances in recent years due to successive health troubles, saying: “You’re all I have.”

Also with tears, Mounir mourned the departure of his long-time friend and partner producer Roman Bunka, whose funeral ceremony was being held on the same day in Germany, dedicating him two of the latter’s favourite songs — Ta’ala Noldom Asamina and Chocolata — asking the audience to pray for him.

Accompanied by his band that combines some of the most skilful instrumentalists in the country, Mounir introduced a selection of his memorised repertoire, like Al-Leila Ya Samra, Shabaeek, Lamma Al-Naseem, Ashky Le-Mein, Ally Soutak, Younis, and Alemouny Eineeky, with the audience enthusiastically singing along while dancing joyfully.

One of the highlights of the night was when alternative vocal-trio Black Theama shared the stage with Mounir and sang one of his oldest 1970s hits — Alemouny Eineky.

The band — which was highly influenced by Mounir’s significant sound of Nubian melodies fused in Western arrangements — were very excited, describing the moment as “a dream come true.”

With spectators flocking from across the country to enjoy the cool summer in the ancient Mediterranean city, Mounir warmly greeted the people of Alexandria singing Ya Eskendereia, Bahrek Agayeb (O’ Alexandria, Your Sea is a Wonder) as a tribute.

Performing while seated for most of the concert, Mounir was keen to salute the Armed and Police Forces, who exerted much effort to ensure the security of the event, which was held at the military-owned venue of Golden Jewel Beach that is located in Sidi Gaber.

Mounir has a unique vocal timbre and colour that paved his way to fame, cementing him as one of the most beloved musicians of the Arab world. He is best known for his many compositions that are inspired by Nubian folklore, however, he also has a large pop repertoire.

Mounir has also collaborated with some of the most acclaimed Egyptian poets of his time, including Abdel-Rahman El-Abnoudi, Salah Jahin, Fouad Haddad, and Sayed Hegab.

Moreover, he has collaborated with an arsenal of iconic musicians from different generations, including Fathy Salama, Yehia Khalil, and Hani Shenouda.

His fame rivals that of the biggest African music pop stars, such as Khaled, Youssou N’Dour, and Amr Diab, all of which he collaborated with.

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