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Saturday 13 Aug 2022

Midtown new capital

First, I will speak about Midtown new capital. And its place which knows a calm and beautiful. Midtown also provides an excellent atmosphere and makes you live in a world of luxury and enjoyment. Let's learn more about it by reading the following topic.

Midtown new capital

Midtown new capital is the first residential and business complex in the New Capital is this one. The beauty of its engineering design distinguishes it since it was constructed by the best and most current international building engineering standards.

It is one of the affluent communities with a range of engineering styles. It includes all the amenities and services necessary to satisfy every need of the locals, including a commercial mall, several water features, green areas, and a commercial area.

Information about New Capital

The position of the New Administrative Capital is seen as an eastern extension of Cairo and located next to Badr City, between the Cairo-Suez and Cairo-Ain Sokhna Roads. As well as its proximity to canal cities and the Red Sea highlights the significance of its strategic location.

One hundred sixty-eight feddans in size, the same as Singapore. The New Capital has a comprehensive network of roadways for transit, is divided into many districts, and has a commercial area with tall towers and skyscrapers where the Central Bank and the headquarters of major multinational banks are slated to relocate.

The new capital also offers a wide range of leisure amenities, including:

  • The Green River
  • The world's most enormous garden
  • Power and gas planets, an intelligent city
  • Several educational institutions

Many prosperous businesses launched numerous residential projects, like Midtown New Capital.

Facts on Midtown New Capital

The first phase of Compound Midtown, built on 53 acres, consists of 390 villas and numerous administrative buildings. The remaining 80 per cent of the compound comprises services, green areas, facilities, and entertainment venues like restaurants, shopping centres, artificial lakes, and others.

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It also constructed the Lanova Vista Compound, which is still standing after the fifth assembly. It also produced other projects in Egypt, starting with modest home developments, small to medium-sized enterprises, opulent residences, and tourist destinations. It blends the finest regional and global trends to produce initiatives that will improve the quality of life for Egyptian families, young people, and businesspeople.

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Features Living here

You have the chance of a lifetime to stay in Midtown, the most significant residential building in the New Administrative Capital, where all the prerequisites and ingredients for leading a life of extreme luxury are there in the form of the following distinctive features:

  • The flats are surrounded by beautiful natural features, such as the landscape's vibrant gardens and flowers' eye-catching colours.
  • For extra relaxation and stability, you may gaze at the turquoise-coloured artificial lakes and listen to the sound of the dancing fountains.
  • To preserve the security and safety of the visitors, several security measures are in place, including high security everywhere, surveillance cameras, and security gates. In addition to other great features.

Midtown Sky New Capital

The design and construction work of the Midtown Sky New Capital Compound was carried out according to the fourth generation technologies, which includes the latest design and construction methods, due to the magnitude of the project, as it was built on a huge area of ​​122 acres, so the Midtown Sky project is one of the most important projects of the New Administrative Capital.

Midtown Sky Compound is located in the seventh district, plot No. G3

Due to the huge space on which the entire project is built, the developing company has contracted with more than one consulting engineering office to develop the appropriate designs for each part within the compound.


Midtown Condo New Capital

The Midtown group of projects is one of the most important projects of the New Administrative Capital, and we will discuss here in particular the Midtown Condo project.

The project was built on an area of ​​up to 60 acres, and that space was divided in an optimal way that satisfies the different tastes of customers, as only 22% was allocated for construction work and the rest for various entertainments such as green spaces, landscapes, water bodies, etc.

Midtown Condo New Capital is located in the 7th residential district, very close to the fairgrounds.

The idea of ​​designing the Midtown Condo compound came from modern international designs, and as is customary for the Better Home Real Estate Development Group, it takes care of those who fit its requirements, so the company contracted with more than one specialized engineer to reach the best possible result. 

Midtown Solo New Capital 

Of course, Midtown Solo New Capital Compound adorns the list of the most important projects of the New Administrative Capital, where the project is built on an area of ​​66 acres, and an area equal to 18% has been allocated for construction and construction work, and the rest is to provide all the various means of entertainment.

Midtown Solo Compound is located in the seventh residential district on the Mohammed bin Zayed axis and next to the cathedral.

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