Egypt's Armed Forces kill major terrorist leader in North Sinai

Ahmed Eleiba , Monday 15 Aug 2022

The Egyptian Armed Forces have killed major terrorist leader Hamza Al-Zamli along with a number of other terrorists during an anti-terrorism military operation in Gelbana village in North Sinai.

Egypt Army Forces
Army vehicles patrol the streets in Egypt s North Sinai. AFP


The terrorists had infiltrated the village and tried in vain to plant explosives at its entrances and use its residents as human shields during the operation.

Al-Zamli, a Palestinian national who hailed from the Zorob district, south of the Gaza Strip, was working in a liquor factory in the Israeli settlement of Yad Mordechai before leaving in 2005 due to the siege of the strip.

He was detained by the Hamas group on suspicion of collaborating with the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. He was also imprisoned on charges of theft and drug trafficking.

Al-Zamli fled Gaza in 2015 as he faced accusations of stealing money from a shop in Rafah and then joined the militant group Daesh, becoming one of its so-called judges.  

Al-Zamli, who changed his name to Abu Kazem Al-Maqdisi, is also believed to be involved in the deadly attack on North Sinai's Al-Rawda Mosque that killed some 235 worshippers during a Friday prayer in November 2017.

His brother was also killed in 2017 during anti-terror operations in Sinai.

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