Egyptian national dialogue's full squad selected, four new subcommittees added

Ahram Online , Sunday 11 Sep 2022

The Egyptian national dialogue's board of trustees completed its selection of rapporteurs and assistant rapporteurs for its three main track (political, economic, social) subcommittees during a meeting on Saturday, in preparation for the beginning of the presidential initiative sessions.

Egyptian National Political Dialogue s (NPD) Board of Trustees during their fourth meeting held on 3 August. (Photo courtesy of the official Facebook Page of the National Political Dialogue)


The board agreed on dividing the political track into five subcommittees, instead of three, adding the political parties subcommittee, and civil society and syndicate subcommittee.

It also agreed to add an eighth subcommittee – for tourism – to the economic track and a sixth committee – for youth – to the social track, the board said in a statement released following the meeting.

During Saturday's meeting, which is the board’s sixth, they also agreed to choose politician, physician and educator Hossam Badrawy as a consultant for the national dialogue to present Egypt’s Vision 2030.

Members of the national dialogue's three main tracks and their subcommittees includes 50 names, spanning former politicians, parliamentarians, university professors and experts.

The board agreed on choosing 12 names for the political track's six subcommittees, after it had previously selected prominent political thinker and former Minister of Youth and Sports Ali Eddin Helal as rapporteur for the main track with professor of political science Mustafa Kamel El-Sayed as assistant rapporteur.

As for the political track's subcommittees, Mohamed Abdel-Ghani was chosen as rapporteur for the exercise of political rights and the parliamentary representation subcommittee with Mohamed Shawky Abdel-Aal as assistant rapporteur.

Samir Abdel Wahab was selected as rapporteur for the municipalities subcommittee with Alaa Essam as assistant rapporteur; Nevin Massad was chosen to serve as rapporteur for the human rights and public freedoms subcommittee with Ahmed Ragheb as assistant rapporteur.

For the political parties subcommittee, Ihab Al-Tamawi was chosen as rapporteur with Khaled Daoud as assistant rapporteur. Ahmed Al-Borai was chosen as rapporteur for the civil society and syndicates subcommittee with Magdy El-Badawy as assistant rapporteur.

For the economic track, the board had previously agreed on choosing former Minister of Finance Ahmed Galal as rapporteur with former Chairman of Al-Ahram Press Abdel-Fattah El-Gebaly as assistant rapporteur.

On Saturday, the board agreed on 16 names for the track's eight committees, including Mohamed El-Sayed Suleiman as rapporteur for the inflation and high prices subcommittee with Sherif Kassem as assistant rapporteur; Talaat Khalil was chosen as rapporteur for the public debt, budget deficit and financial reform subcommittee with Heba Wasel as assistant rapporteur.

Additionally, Ayman Mohsab was selected as rapporteur for the public investments priorities and state ownership policy subcommittee with Mahmoud Sami as assistant rapporteur; Samir Sabri was chosen as rapporteur for the private investment (domestic and foreign) subcommittee with Bassem Lotfy as assistant rapporteur.

The industry subcommittee includes Baha Dimitri as rapporteur with Ahmed Bahaa Shalaby as assistant rapporteur. The agriculture and food security subcommittee includes Hisham Al-Hosry as rapporteur with Abdul Ghani Hindi as assistant rapporteur.

The social justice subcommittee includes Abdul-Hadi Al-Qasabi as rapporteur with Soraya Abdel-Gawad as assistant rapporteur. Finally, the tourism subcommittee includes Nora Ali Abdel Samie as rapporteur with Amani Al-Torjoman as assistant rapporteur.

For the social track, the board had previously chosen former Minister of Youth and Sports Khaled Abdel-Aziz as rapporteur with anthropologist Hania Sholkamy as assistant rapporteur.

Moreover, the board announced on Saturday 12 names for the track's six subcommittees, picking Gamal Shiha as rapporteur for the education and scientific research subcommittee with Mahmoud Abul-Nasr as assistant rapporteur as well as Randa Mustafa as a rapporteur for the health subcommittee and Mohamed Hassan Khalil as assistant rapporteur.

The housing subcommittee includes Nevin Obeid as rapporteur with Ahmed Ashour as assistant rapporteur; the family and social cohesion subcommittee includes Nisreen Al-Baghdadi as rapporteur with Reham Al-Shabrawi as assistant rapporteur.

Ahmed Zayed was selected as rapporteur for the culture and national identity subcommittee with Ahmed Megahed as assistant rapporteur; Ahmed Fathy was chosen as rapporteur for the youth subcommittee and Zaki Al-Qadi as an assistant Rapporteur.

The 19-member board of trustees had received the nominations of 550 names for rapporteurs and assistant rapporteurs, according to Diaa Rashwan, the general coordinator of the dialogue.

The board of trustees started its work in July after President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi called for the step during the annual Egyptian Family Iftar banquet on 26 April.

The president has asserted that all intellectuals, syndicates and political forces are invited to the dialogue.

On 5 September, the board selected six rapporteurs and assistant rapporteurs for its political, social and economic track committees.

In previous remarks, Rashwan said whenever a subcommittee finishes discussing a particular track and makes recommendations it will present them to the dialogue’s board to be sent to the President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi for a final say.

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