Egypt to impose EGP 10 fine on students absent for 10 days without excuse: Media

Tuesday 13 Sep 2022

The Ministry of Education will impose a EGP 10 fine on students who are absent from school for 10 consecutive days without a valid excuse as part of the ministry's plan to improve attendance in the new academic year.



The decision will be applied to public and private schools nationwide starting in the new academic year, as per a ministerial circular reported by local media on Monday.

International schools are exempt from this policy.

In addition, high school students could face dismissal if they miss classes for 15 days in a row, according to the circular.

Before the dismissal, three attendance notices will be sent to the truant high school student, with the first to be sent after five consecutive days of absence, the second one after ten days and the final after 12 days.

Truant primary and preparatory students, on the other hand, will not be dismissed, but will face additional EGP 10 fines for every 10 days of absence, with three attendance notices to be sent.

In February 2022, the Egyptian House of Representatives rejected a set of amendments to the country's education law denying public services to parents of truant students at mandatory school age.

The amendments included EGP 500-1,000 fines for parents or guardians who fail to prevent further truancy within a week of being officially notified of their children's absence.

The proposed adjustments would have also allowed suspending some or all public services provided by government offices for parents of chronically truant students until the children return to school.

Children in Egypt aged 6 to 18 undergo compulsory education through elementary, secondary and high school, according to the Egyptian constitution.

The new academic year starts on 1 October at public and private schools, and on 18 September at international schools, and ends on 6 June, 2023.

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