Islamic chanter Mahmoud El-Tohamy performs huge concert at Giza Pyramids

Eslam Omar , Saturday 24 Sep 2022

Famous Egyptian Islamic chanter Mahmoud El-Tohamy performed a huge concert on Friday at the Sound and Light Theatre on the historical site of the Pyramids of Giza, celebrating the upcoming release of his new album Aneen.

Mahmoud ElTohamy

The event was sponsored by the Egyptian sports and youth ministry in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF).

El-Tohamy introduced songs in the concert from his new album as well as a selection of his traditional Islamic Sufi repertoire that were approached in different music styles.

The event attracted thousands of spectators in person and was also broadcast live on Al-Hayah TV, becoming among the trending topics in Egypt on social media platforms.

“Proud to perform such a big Islamic Chanting concert at the great historical sight of the Pyramids,” El-Tohamy told Ahram Online after his show.

Singing a number of patriotic songs such as Misr Hona (Egypt is Here), El-Tohamy explained that “the main goal of this concert is to assert our religious, cultural and historic connection."

The show also featured a number of skilled musicians alongside a large choir that consisted of graduates of the Prince Taz Palace’s School for Islamic Sufi Chanting in Cairo.

Available soon on various music platforms; ‘Aneen’ is the second album – after ‘Rasamtok’ – in El-Tohamy’s continuing project to revive the usage of Standard Fusha Arabic in contemporary music.

He previously released 18 albums.

Most famous for Qamaron and El-Burda and many other traditional poems, the 1979-born El-Tohamy started his career in his childhood by following in the footsteps of his father, the pioneer Sufi chanter Sheikh Yassin El-Tohamy.

He performed Sufi poetry chants at traditional Islamic Sunni events across the country for crowds that sometimes numbered in the hundreds of thousands, as well as at at large moulid events in Cairo's Al-Hussein and Al-Sayeda Zeinab districts.

El-Tohamy has regularly performed in many prestigious venues in Egypt and the Arab World.

He has collaborated with Egyptian Grammy Award winner Fathy Salama and his band Sharkiat in a project launched since 2018 titled 'Sufism vs Modernism'.

He also collaborated in various projects with music producers from younger generations, including ‘Rouh El-Maliha’ with Molotof, a key player in the Egyptian rap scene who is most known for Wegz’s hit Dorak Gai.

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