Egypt's national dialogue to kick off officially within a few weeks: Rashwan

Ahram Online , Friday 30 Sep 2022

General Coordinator of the National Dialogue Diaa Rashwan said Thursday the dialogue is progressing at a steady pace and the sessions of the recently formed political, economic, and social committees and subcommittees are set to kick off officially within a few weeks.

Diaa Rashwan


The national dialogue will not be just a declaration of stances about issues such as high prices, education and public freedoms, but rather will look into all issues and find solutions, a matter that requires some times and effort, the general coordinator added.

Mechanisms for managing the national dialogue will also be announced in detail within a few days, Rashwan said during his TV show New Egypt broadcast on ETC satellite channel.

He criticised the Muslim Brotherhood's platforms based outside the county that portray Egyptian issues out-of-context in a way that does not reflect reality.

These voices never talk about anything positive in Egypt and highlight one or two negative cases in a country where over 100 million live, with the aim of spreading feelings of frustration, he said.

He cited several examples of countries and international institutions that have praised Egypt’s projects and achievements, including how the country has handled the coronavirus pandemic.

"I felt positive impressions during my meetings with some people from abroad who are interested in Egyptian affairs,” he pointed out.

Egypt has passed "the difficult stage" that began in 2012 when the Brotherhood came to power, he said, adding that the country is currently focusing on its priorities and moving forward despite the coronavirus pandemic and the Russian-Ukraine crisis.

"This is not a justification, this is the situation in the whole world," he said, noting that Egypt is still in a state of development and achievement.

Over the past two months, the 19-member of the national dialogue's board of trustees completed its selection of rapporteurs and assistant rapporteurs for the dialogue's three main tracks (political, economic, social) and their 19 subcommittees, in preparation for the beginning of the presidential initiative sessions.

In previous remarks, Rashwan said whenever a subcommittee finishes discussing a particular track and makes recommendations it will present them to the dialogue’s board to be sent to the President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi for a final say.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi called for the initiative during the annual Egyptian Family Iftar banquet on 26 April.

The president has asserted that all intellectuals, syndicates and political forces are invited to the dialogue, while assuring that only one faction is exempted from the dialogue, in reference to the Muslim Brotherhood group, which Egypt designated a terrorist organisation in 2013.

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