Russian army maps show lost ground in key Kherson region

AFP , Tuesday 4 Oct 2022

Russia's forces occupying Ukraine's southern Black Sea region of Kherson have suffered serious territorial losses to Kyiv's troops over recent days, maps published by Moscow's defence ministry showed Tuesday.

Ukrainian soldiers prepare to move their BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher after firing towards Russian positions in Kharkiv region on October 4, 2022. AFP


The maps included in Tuesday's daily military briefing showed that Russian forces were no longer in control of the village of Dudchany on the west bank of the river Dnieper, where Ukraine's forces have been pushing to reclaim territory captured at the start of Moscow's offensive.

In the northeastern Kharkiv region, defence ministry maps showed that Russian forces have left positions on the west bank of the Oskil river, in the aftermath this month of a counter-offensive by Kyiv's army.

The Ukrainian military claimed in a statement Tuesday that Russian forces in Kherson are "demoralised" and were falling back on their positions, destroying ammunition depots and bridges in their wake.

"All this in order to slow down the offensive of our troops," the defence ministry said in their statement.

Ukraine's deputy interior minister Yevhen Enin said Tuesday that Ukraine's forces had recaptured 50 towns and villages in Kherson, without specifying when.

Kyiv's forces have been slowly clawing back territory in Kherson for several weeks but the advance has accelerated in recent days.

With a population of one million before the war, Kherson is a key agricultural area and forms the gateway to the Crimean peninsula.

Its main city, also named Kherson, was one of the first to fall to Russian forces after they launched what the Kremlin calls its "special military operations" in February.

The Kremlin last week formally annexed the region along with three others even though Russian troops do not fully control it.

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