6 musicians must accompany Egyptian rappers in public performances: Syndicate

Eslam Omar , Monday 31 Oct 2022

Egyptian Musicians’ Syndicate, under newly-elected President Mostafa Kamel, has on Monday decided to oblige all rap singers to be accompanied by a band that consists of a minimum of six authorized musicians, to get live performance permissions.

Marwan Moussa and Mostafa Kamel
Egyptian rapper Marwan Moussa speaks with Musician Syndicate s head Mostafa Kamel during a conference held on Monday


“The Western band formation should consist of at least a keyboardist, a bass guitarist, two guitarists, a drummer and a percussionist [sic.],” stated Kamel during a conference held at the union’s headquarters on Monday, explaining that his main cause is to provide jobs for unemployed members.

The conference was attended by a number of  known Egyptian rappers like Marwan Moussa, Afroto, Abyusif, Abo El Anwar and many others.

Regulations enforced on rappers have been relaxed in comparison to those enforced on Mahraganat singers, who are obliged to be accompanied by a minimum of twelve musicians from the syndicate’s general assembly members.

Following negotiations, the board also approved that rappers' bands be accompanied by backing-tracks“to preserve the genre’s sound”.

“We want you to entertain the Egyptian and Arab world’s audiences and represent Egypt well with good lyrics and good art without harming any unemployed musician,” Kamel told the attending performers with a smile.

According to the board, these regulations will be enforced starting December “to respect all signed agreements and engagements and to give the performers enough time to form their bands and do rehearsals.”

To be authorized, all rappers must also sign a pledge similar to that previously signed last week by Mahraganat singers.

Earlier this week, the syndicate fined rappers Afroto and Marwan Pablo . The first for violating the syndicate's decisions and the second for “offending the audience” after leaving the stage in anger. Both rappers, however, have submitted petitions.

Egyptian rap wave, which also includes names like Wegz, Shahyn, El-joker and others, is the dominating genre in Egypt’s listens on Spotify specifically, as well as being among the top on other streaming platforms like YouTube, Anghami and iTunes.

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