Don't miss Egyptian heritage industries at the COP27: The environment's oldest friends

Amira Noshokaty , Friday 11 Nov 2022

Egypt's Ministry of Culture celebrates the rich intangible cultural heritage of Egypt including its traditional environmentally-friendly handicrafts through a number of cultural and musical events that highlight at the COP27.

Ministry of Culture
Photo Courtesy of Ministry of Culture


"Egypt is holding daily performances at the COP27 of a variety of dances, including Egyptian Folk Sufi dance, Tannoura , Ancient stick dance of Tahteebenlisted on UNESCO's  Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, as well as performances of Semsemya songs and music and songs by Sinai folk troupe and by Harp players," explained professor Nahla Imam Heritage Consultant at the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and country representative of Egypt at the 2003 Convention of Safeguarding the Intangible Heritage of UNESCO.

Photo Courtesy of Ministry of Culture

"Our environmentally friendly handicraft exhibition showcases Pottery of Fayoum by Rawya, the renowned indigenous woman pottery artist, authentic products of Akhmim and Hegaza villages by The Association of Upper Egypt for development, Red sea handicrafts by Bagaweed Egypt, Tent Makers, or Khayamia arts, blown glass, Siwa and Sinai handicrafts, as well as the Senet ancient Egyptian board game by Karama association," Imam told Ahram online.

The events include two seminars.

In the first, professor Heba Safi El-Din discusses the inspiring eco-friendly housing projects of both renowned Egyptian architects Ramsis Wissa Wassef and Hassan Fathi.

In the second, professor Mohamed Abdel-Dayem discusses cultural industries.

The idea is to highlight environmentally friendly crafts that are modern, useful, and deeply rooted in our intangible cultural heritage, Imam explained.

Photo Courtesy of Ministry of Culture

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