Al-Daheeh's new football show trends on YouTube

Ahram Online , Sunday 27 Nov 2022

Digital content creator Ahmed El-Ghandour, the host and producer of the popular educational YouTube show Al-Daheeh, has launched a new show called El-Kora ma’ El-Salama (Football, Bye Bye).



The first episode of the new show was released on Saturday evening on the Al-Daheeh YouTube channel.

Less than 24 hours after the episode's release, the show became the number one trending YouTube show in Egypt with over 309,000 views.

The episode is set in a replica of a television studio with El-Ghandour portraying a number of roles including media personality Salama Abdel-Malik, Captain Gamal Abu Sayed, Hajj Mohammed Al-Wakil, the owner of the channel, and Dr. Bashir Mahfouz, the inventor of a time machine with whom the viewers travel to many famous World Cups.

The first episode focuses on the history of football in Brazil, with  Dr. Mahfouz explaining the socio-political backdrop of the games in the 20th century. He also focuses on Brazilian football players who made history, such as Pelé and Anderson. The engaging storytelling explores issues like racism, which had a clear impact on shaping Brazilian football. 

Episodes of the new show will be released on Saturdays and Tuesdays, revealed a company in charge of El-Ghandour's promotion.

El-Ghandour, who started out in 2014 as a young YouTuber filming 5-15 minute videos on his personal channel, has now become an icon of new media and education in the Arab world with 160 episodes of diverse content.

Between 2017 and 2020, El-Ghandour worked with the AJ+ Channel, during which his show gained 3.3 million subscribers and over 250 million views in total.

As of today, Al-Daheeh's YouTube channel, known as Da7ee7, where he posts all of his new episodes, has 1.45 million subscribers.

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