Iraqi FM announces retrieving 18 thousand smuggled artefacts

MENA , Sunday 4 Dec 2022

Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein announced Sunday the return of 18,000 smuggled artefacts, reported the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

Iraqi artefacts
In this file photo taken on Aug. 3, 2021 Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein inspects looted artifacts just returned to Iraq. Photo courtesy of Iraqi Foreign Ministry


In his speech before the inauguration of the sixth edition of the Forum of Arab Civilizations that kicked off in Baghdad Sunday, the foreign minister said " the world is facing great challenges due to crises and different interests," noting that "cultural dialogue is a condition for promoting understanding."

Hussein added, "Most of Iraq's civilizations have been subjected to various threats, and terrorism has had a hand in destroying cultural landmarks, but these terrorist acts cannot obliterate history, noting that "Iraq pursues a participatory vision, and there is a responsibility for it in the future to take the lead in joint cooperation that the challenges of climate change require joint cooperation."

He continued, "The cultural forum is an opportunity for qualitative communication and a diplomatic approach to support global efforts in facing challenges," noting that "Iraq has been subjected at different periods to systematic theft to smuggle its cultural heritage.”

The foreign minister pointed out that "the Iraqi government has made efforts to stop sabotage operations against antiquities, as more than 18,000 smuggled artefacts have been returned," expressing "his hope to strengthen bilateral cooperation and coordination to return all stolen antiquities."

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