Egyptian Dental Syndicate rejects obligatory e-invoice system registration

Jehad El-Sayed , Tuesday 6 Dec 2022

Egyptian Dental Syndicate has rejected obligatory registration in the new electronic invoice system, asserting that dentists are not obliged to submit their invoices by the deadline of 15 December 2022 previously announced by the Egyptian Tax Authority.

Egyptian Dental Syndicate
Egyptian Dental Syndicate


The syndicate has formed a committee to discuss with the Tax Authority issues pertaining to registration on the e-invoice system, a statement issued by the syndicate said on Tuesday.

The dental syndicate announced earlier that the number of its registered members amounts to around 67,843 dentists.  

In addition, the committee will discuss the dentists' apprehensions over inaccurate calculations of their costs and taxes, and over collecting the value added tax, the statement said.

The Egyptian Tax Authority had announced earlier that self-employed professionals, including doctors, engineers, artists, consultants and lawyers, are obliged to register in the e-invoice system.

They should use the e-invoice system when dealing with establishments registered at the Tax Authority or with customers.

Doctors and lawyers also reject the e-invoice

On Thursday, the Doctors Syndicate also rejected the e-invoice system.

Head of the Doctors syndicate Hassan Khairy announced that he requested to meet Minister Maait to discuss the issue of the e-invoice system.

The Lawyers Syndicate, which has  600,000 lawyers registered, has also announced that it rejected forcing lawyers to register in the system. 

Deputy Union Chief Magdy Al-Sakhy said on state television Sunday that lawyers should be exempt from the system because they “are not service providers” but are “tasked with aiding the judiciary in achieving justice." 

Last week, Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait, Chairman of the Tax Authority Mokhtar Tawfik and Head of Lawyers Syndicate Abdel-Halim Allam held a meeting to discuss the lawyers’ concerns regarding the e-invoices system.

The meeting resulted in forming a joint committee in an attempt to reach a solution.

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