Exclusive star Amr Diab tops Anghami as 2022 charts unveiled

Eslam Omar , Sunday 25 Dec 2022

Evergreen Egyptian pop star Amr Diab has topped the 2022 most-listened artists list on the leading Arab music platform Anghami with nearly 360 million streams this year, with over 270 million coming from Egypt alone.

Amr Diab
Amr Diab uses this photo as his Facebook cover since 24 February 2022 when he announced that all audio and video productions of his Nay Label has become exclusively available on Anghami


Exclusively found on Anghami, Amr Diab is now the most-streamed Arab artist in Anghami history, with 1.3 billion total streams of his songs.

This includes his most recent summer releases from the Wazeer El-Saada album.

The top Egyptian rapper Wegz came in second place, coming on the heels of his performance during the FIFA world Cup closing. His romantic hit El Bakht topped the year’s charts on Anghami across 11 Arab countries, with over 45 million plays, breaking the record for the highest number of streams ever recorded in a single year on the platform.

Tamer Hosny came in third place with 115.5 million streams, closely followed by Mohamed Hamaki with 115.3M, and by Ahmed Saad and Marwan Moussa, respectively.

Rema and Selena Gomez’s Calm Down is ranked the most streamed international song in the MENA region this year while The Weeknd, who came seventh on Anghami, is ranked top-streamed international artist in the MENA region.

“We are delighted to see rising Arab artists such as Wegz, Marwan Moussa, Siilawy, A5rass, Big Sam, and A.L.A making it to top charts, which indicates that the Arab music industry is growing on the right track,” stated Anghami Content Operations Manager Salam Kmeid in a press release.

The rankings were unveiled this weekend within the #Anghami2022inmusic annual campaign that also features exclusive personalised recaps on users’ journey and artists’ statistics.

“Our aim is to report accurate insights that help fans across the world understand their musical taste and how it is reflected on their personality traits, as well as helping the artist get closer to their fans and understand how their work impacted their data during a whole year,” Kmeid added.

While Anghami lists give some indications, top-listen lists of other platforms like YouTube, iTunesSpotify and other streaming services have slight differences in the top listens, depending on the type of users’ preferences, as well as each platform’s display.

The following are some of the top lists on Anghmai this year.

Top Arabic songs on Anghami:
1- El Bakht, Wegz
2- Min Awel Dekika, Elissa and Saad Lamjarred
3- Etnaset, MUSliM
4- El-Ghazala Ray'a, Karim Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz
5- Ta3ala Adalla3ak, Bahaa Sultan
6- Aleky Eyoun, Ahmed Saad
7- Inta El Haz, Amr Diab
8- Sayrena Ya Donia, Ahmed Saad
9- B3oda Ya Belady, Wegz
10- Matkhafesh Yamma, Ali Loka

Top Artists on Anghami
1- Amr Diab, 359M
2- Wegz, 144M
3- Tamer Hosny, 115.5M
4- Mohamed Hamaki, 115.3M
5- Ahmed Saad, 86M
6- Marwan Moussa, 81M
7- The Weeknd, 78M
8- Essam Sasa, 77M
9-Tamer Ashour, 76M
10- Assala Nasri, 71M

Top Artists in Egypt
1- Amr Diab, 272M
2- Wegz, 128M
3- Tamer Hosny, 89M
3- Mohamed Hamaki, 85M
4- Marwan Moussa, 76M
5- Essam Sasa, 75M
6- Ahmed Saad, 66M
7- Tamer Ashour, 64M
8- Cairokee, 55M
9- Bahaa Soltan, 48M
10- Assala Nasri, 47M

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