Shaabi icon Ahmed Adaweya and son featured in Mohamed Ramadan Mahraganat trio

Eslam Omar , Monday 2 Jan 2023

Egyptian Shaabi icon Ahmed Adaweya, 77, and his son, Mohamed, 46, have been featured in Mohamed Ramadan’s new Mahraganat trio single Ala Wadena (As We Are).

Mohamed Ramadan, Ahmed Adawya and Mohamed Adawya in 3ala Wad3na


The music video quickly rose to among the top trending music topics in Egypt and the Arab region hours after its release on the first day of the new year.

The typical street pride lyrics, which included some Shaabi flavours, was written by Amir Shiko.

The song was composed by Abdo El-Soghair and arranged by Mahraganat key player Dezel of El-Madfaagya.

The video was directed by Hossan El-Hossainy.

In the video, Ahmed Adaweya sings while in a big royal chair with the his co-singers towering in the background.

Arguably the most prominent Shaabi singers in the past five decades, Ahmed Adaweya rose to fame in the 1970s with groundbreaking songs followed by several comedy roles on the big screen.

His classic songs include Zahma Ya Donya Zahma, Essah Eddah Embo, Ya Bent El-Sultan, Karakashangy and many others.

His son, Mohamed, is a famous pop and Shaabi singer despite his lack of releases in the last decade.

Since he launched his singing career early in the 1990s, the young Adaweya released numerous albums with El-Tayeb Ahsan and Men Kelmtein albums among his most successful works.

The father and son have been paired together in numerous performances, including their most successful collaboration in 2011's El-Mouled music video.

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old star actor and singer Mohamed Ramadan has gained much popularity in recent years as a rap-Mahraganat singer with multiple hits like Balalein, Number One, Ala Allah, Taaleily, Mafia, Tanteet, Zilzal, Bum Bum and others.

Mahraganat is a working-class music genre that is influenced by local Shaabi and international rap.

Some Mahraganat performers have been accused of using violent language and explicit themes.

The genre initially flourished underground before finally dominating the mainstream in the last decade.

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