Egypt to see warmer weather during daytime until Monday: EMA

Ahram Online , Wednesday 18 Jan 2023

Egypt is expected to see moderate weather during daytime until Monday, with temperatures rising by an average of 2-3 degrees Celsius, reported the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA).

A view of buildings in Cairo. AFP


Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the North Coast, and northern Upper Egypt will see moderate weather during daytime, while warm weather will prevail in South Sinai and southern Upper Egypt.

The EMA expects chilly weather in southern Egypt and cold weather nationwide during early morning.

Northern Egypt and Greater Cairo will also see cold weather during nighttime, the EMA added.

The EMA posted satellite photos indicating clear weather, with no chances of rain this week to date.

The past few days saw light to heavy rain and thunder in northern Egypt, especially Alexandria, which sees annual rain storms during winter and fall.

The Mediterranean governorate has been hit by the annual week-long “Great Faida” storm since 12 January, causing heavy rain to flood streets.

This week, Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt will see highs of 20-22 degrees Celsius and lows of 10-12 degrees through Monday, the EMA said.

The North Coast will experience highs of 19-20 degrees and lows of 10-13 degrees.

South Sinai will see highs of 24-25 degrees and lows of 13-14 degrees.

Northern Upper Egypt will experience highs of 20-22 degrees and lows of 7-9 degrees, while southern Upper Egypt will see warmer weather with highs of 24-26 and lows of 9-12.

Morning mist is expected through Monday on some roads leading to and from Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the North Coast, Suez Canal cities, Central Sinai, and Northern Upper Egypt, the EMA said.

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