Egyptian Lawyers Syndicate forms legal team to defend imprisoned Marsa Matrouh lawyers

Habiba Hamdy , Saturday 21 Jan 2023

Egypt’s Lawyers Syndicate announced Friday the formation of a legal defence team to attend the appeal hearing against the two-year jail verdict handed to six lawyers in Marsa Matrouh over the past week.

Lawyers syndicate
Lawyers syndicate


The decision was taken during a meeting on Friday between the general syndicate’s board and its sub-syndicates, where they outlined possible legal steps to deal with the matter.

The six lawyers were sentenced on Wednesday by a Marsa Matrouh criminal court to two years in prison over a brawl with three court clerks during a session in the governorate on 5 January.

In response to the ruling, the syndicate called on Thursday for an "indefinite" strike.

"We will stop appearing before the criminal courts and participating in Public Prosecution investigations," it said in an official statement on Thursday.

In Friday's meeting, the lawyers' representatives stressed the necessity of adhering to the strike call until another decision is issued, according to a joint statement shared by the general syndicate's official Facebook page.

The syndicate views the imprisonment of the six lawyers reflective of lawyers’ “bitter reality,” adding that this situation will not end unless lawyers are provided – as stipulated by the constitution and law – with immunity while carrying on their duties.

"The [Lawyers Syndicate] – represented in its elected councils and its general assembly – adheres to its legitimate rights… and that it is a partner in achieving justice, and will not accept encroachment on its legitimate rights," the statement added.

The syndicate further asserted that it is dealing with the matter transparently and with respect for all parties.

The syndicate "supports its members within the framework of legitimacy and the rule of law and will not accept offences against its members from any side."

In its Thursday's statement, the syndicate said there was "a clear intention" to keep the six lawyers in detention "without real justification," and denounced the "rush to bring them to trial without taking the time to carry out a real investigation."

The hashtag “the dignity of lawyers is a red line” in Arabic were shared by several lawyers on social media.

In response to the syndicate's strike call, Egypt’s Judges Club said on Wednesday that its board was following the issue and would take the appropriate response in a timely manner. They added that they would report any violations or insults on social media against the Egyptian judiciary, judges or employees to the authorities.

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