Conference on Disarmament resumes formal sessions under Egyptian presidency

Ahram Online , Saturday 28 Jan 2023

The Conference on Disarmament (CD) resumed on Friday its formal sessions under the Egyptian presidency, with Ambassador Ahmed Ihab Gamaleldin, permanent representative of Egypt to the United Nations in Geneva, chairing the meetings.

Conference on Disarmament


The session witnessed the resumption of the general debate of the conference, where several member states delivered their national statements.

CD members explained their positions on multiple issues, including nuclear disarmament, negative security assurances for non-nuclear weapon states against the use of, or threat of use of nuclear weapons against them, as well as prevention of arms races in outer space.

During the session, Tatiana Valovaya, secretary general of the CD and under-secretary-general of the United Nations, stressed in a statement the "pivotal" role of the conference in international disarmament.

Egypt's permanent representative, meanwhile, highlighted the intention of the Egyptian presidency of the CD to convene a thematic discussion in an official session of the conference on Tuesday.

During the session, member states will address the various dimensions related to the establishment of nuclear-weapon-free zones, as one of the issues of significant strategic relevance with a constructive impact on enhancing international security and stability.

Ambassador Ahmed Ihab Gamaleldin said that the Egyptian presidency of the conference will also convene an additional thematic discussion session to discuss negative security assurances for non-nuclear weapon states against the use of, or threat of use of nuclear weapons,

These assurances are one of the critical demands of the Non-Nuclear Weapon States, especially states that are members of the Non-Aligned Movement, he added.

The CD – which meets three times a year in Geneva – is a multilateral disarmament forum established by the international community to negotiate arms control and disarmament agreements.

The conference, which comprises 65 member states, always takes into account the recommendations of the United Nations General Assembly and the proposals of its member states.

The presidency of the conference rotates among its member states, with each president holding office for four working weeks.

Egypt assumed presidency the CD on Monday. The conference is expected to hold its meetings under the Egyptian presidency until 17 February 2023.

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