This is How you can Renew the Istimara in KSA Online

Monday 20 Feb 2023

The Ministry of Interior granted the citizens of Saudi Arabia a number of governmental e-services that can be accessed through the automated and secured platform “Absher”, which was launched in 2015.



A useful e-service was added to Absher platform in an effort to help beneficiaries to renew their Vehicle License or the document known as the “Istimara”.

An Istimara is normally issued with a three-year validity period, so it must be renewed online through Absher portal before the expiry, otherwise, the individual will pay a fine.

In light of this, the article below will include all the steps that must be taken to enable citizens to renew their vehicle’s license or Istimara. Furthermore, it will cover all the terms and conditions of this service, and in the end, the Istimara fines in Saudi Arabia will be mentioned. 


Istimara Renewal in KSA Terms and Conditions 

All beneficiaries who want to renew their Vehicle License must follow all the terms and conditions below, and that must be done before submitting any application for the Istimara renewal: 

  • Have a Valid Periodic Vehicle Inspection or FAHAS
  • Have a Valid vehicle insurance policy
  • Pay all traffic violations which can be viewed through your personal Absher account and paid through the bank’s application or an ATM
  • Pay the renewal fees, which is 100 Saudi Riyals for each year
  • The validity of the Istimara must be less than 180 days before the expiry date


How can someone renew the Istimara in Saudi Arabia?

All beneficiaries living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can renew their vehicle license or Istimara on Absher platform, and they can follow the following steps to do so: 

  • Open up your Absher account 
  • Select Individuals and log in
  • Go to e-Services 
  • Click on Muroor 
  • Now click on the Vehicle Services 
  • Choose your vehicle

  • Click on renew vehicle registration 
  • Confirm the registration 
  • A notification will be sent to confirm the request 

After completing the process of renewing your Istimara, you can choose to have the document delivered to you by clicking on the “Request Postal Document Delivery”, or you can obtain the document or Istimara card by visiting the nearest traffic department office. Also, make sure that you booked an appointment before going there, and you can benefit from the booking service available on Absher portal, as you can choose “Printing an Istimara” as the purpose for this appointment.


Are there any fines for Expired Istimara? 

As reported by the Saudi traffic regulations, if the Istimara gets expired, the beneficiary must pay a fine, in view of the fact that the Istimara renewal fines for 2023 are up to 100 Saudi Riyals. 

In conclusion, the article above included all the information you need to help you renew the Istimara or vehicle license through the online services provided by Absher, as we looked at the terms and conditions of this e-service, the steps that must be followed to complete this process, and the fines that must be paid if the Istimara is expired. 

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