Egypt sends more relief aid to quake-hit Syria, Turkey

MENA , Thursday 2 Mar 2023

An Egyptian ship carrying relief aid left from Arish Port to Latakia port in Syria and Port of Mersin in Turkey to deliver hundreds of tons of relief aid to earthquake-affected areas, the Egyptian armed forces announced on Thursday

Egypt s relief aid sent to the Syrian people. Photo : Egyptian armed forces


According to the Egyptian Armed Forces, the supply ship which serves in the Egyptian commercial maritime fleet carries hundreds of tons of relief aid provided by the defence ministry, the social solidarity ministry, the Egyptian Zakat and Charity House and the Tahya Masr (Long Live Egypt) Fund.

“This comes as part of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi's directives to continue offering humanitarian assistance to the two countries that were hit by a destructive earthquake on 6 February,” the statement of the Egyptian Armed Forces said.

Over 46,000 people have died due to the powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck northwest Syria and southern Turkey on 6 February, making the quake one of the deadliest this century.

Countries and organisations from across the globe have been providing humanitarian aid, with over 140 aid trucks entering Syria as of Friday, according to the UN.

Last week an Egyptian supply ship arrived in Turkey and Syria carrying tons of relief aid along with two military cargo planes that took off for Turkey carrying large quantities of humanitarian aid.

Egypt sent five military planes – two to Turkey and three to Syria – carrying large quantities of medical aid the day after the disaster.

Egypt also sent a rescue team of medical specialists and rescue technicians alongside the medical aid to Syria

The Egyptian Red Crescent also launched a donation campaign for Syria’s earthquake victims.

Additionally, Egypt’s Tahya Masr (Long Live Egypt) fund designated on Wednesday a bank account at all state-owned banks to receive donations from inside and outside Egypt to send basic goods and pharmaceutical supplies to the victims.


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