Ahmed Mekky trends with Wala’na music video for upcoming season of Al-Kabeer Awi

Eslam Omar , Friday 3 Mar 2023

Egyptian film and TV star Ahmed Mekky is already dominating the Ramadan season three weeks before the start of the holy month, becoming among the most trending topics in Egypt after releasing his rap song Wala’na from the upcoming seventh season of his hit TV show Al-Kabeer Awi.

Ahmed Mekky
Egyptian star Ahmed Mekky in a shot from Wala na , a music video from his TV series Al-Kabeer Awi 7 competing in the Ramadan season race.

With shots from the anticipated new season, Mekky, who is also the director and songwriter of Wala’na, raps as the titular character of Al-Kabeer, the mayor of Al-Mazareeta, the fictional small village in Upper Egypt where the show takes place.

Mixed by Taher Saleh and mastered by Kevin Nix, the song was arranged by Khaled Nabil and features vocalist Hoda El-Sonbaty as well soloist Ramy Salah (accordion) and Ibrahim Kawala (Kawala).

The new song, which is available on various music platforms, has gained over a million views on YouTube alone in less than a day, rising as a top trending topic in Egypt and other Arab countries.

Mekky has established his name as a rapper over the past decade with few but influential tracks like Aghla Men El-Yaqot, Akhret El-Shaqawa, Wa’fet Nasyet Zaman, and Facebooky. In 2022, Mekky released his latest song Akwa Mix, where he collaborated with one of the region’s most successful rappers, Wegz.

Building on the success of the previous six seasons, Al-Kabeer Awi will feature, as usual, popular comedians Bayoumi Fouad and Mohamed Sallam among the regular cast. The new season will also star Rahma Ahmed and Hatem Salah, who were well-received after joining the show last season as the characters of Marbouha and Nafady, respectively.

The hit series was launched in 2010 and featured Donia Samir Ghanem for four successive seasons as the character Hadeya, which helped to build her stardom.

Produced by Egypt’s leading production companies United Media Services and Synergy, Al-Kabeer Awi 7 is written by Mostafa Sakr and directed by Ahmed El-Gendy.

The show was based on a character that first appeared in Mekky’s hit film Teer Enta, written by Omar Taher and directed by Ahmed El-Gendy.

The Algeria-born artist gained fame as a comedian in his first movie as a leading man in H-Dabour, before which he had appeared in the popular sitcom Tamer and Shawkia. He later appeared in Adel Imam's 2007 movie Morgan Ahmed Morgan.

Gaining wide cinema success in fantasy and spoof comedy, Mekky's most well-known movies are Teer Enta (2009) and La Taragoa Wala Esteslam (2010).

Mekky started his movie career as the director of El-Hassa El-Sabaa (2005), a longer remake of his Cinema Institute graduation project. Despite seeing little success at the box office, the film still stands out with its unique comedy style.

Al-Kabeer Awi 7, which is airing exclusively on ONTV, is expected to be among the most-watched shows during the upcoming Ramadan season, which will see over 30 Egyptian TV shows featuring the country’s top stars.

The Muslim holy month, which will start on 22 March this year, traditionally sees a major spike in TV viewership.

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