Lenhart and Landrock: Of Egypt's photographic memory

Amira Noshokaty , Sunday 19 Mar 2023

Lenhart and Landrock (L&L), one of Egypt's oldest bookshops, photographic collections and publishing houses, is publishing a new book that documents almost 100 years of their work in Egypt.

Photo by Engy Eleslamboly


Ahram Online interviewed Dr. Edward Lambelet, the owner of L&L, about their enchanting journey.

L&L was the first to print a photo guide to The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, document Egypt from Abu Simbel to Alexandria in photographs, and to print a photobook on Egypt's Coptic heritage. Their photos were even printed on old Egyptian paper currency.

The shop is located on the first floor of an old Cairene building in the heart of downtown Cairo, where it puts Egypt's intangible heritage neatly on display.

“Lenhart and Landrock” reads the 99-year-old sign outside the shop that has witnessed almost a century of Egypt’s book and photographic history.

"We say in the family, that the discovery of the tomb of Tut Ank Amoun brought L&L to Egypt in 1924 along with my father," Edward Lambelet told Ahram Online.

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