Egyptian and US special forces conclude SOF02 joint drill

Ahmed Eleiba , Monday 20 Mar 2023

Egypt and the US have concluded a joint military exercise in Egypt, codenamed "SOF02", involving units from the Egyptian paratroopers, thunderbolt forces, naval special forces and US special forces, the Egyptian army has announced.

Egyptian and US special forces during the special forces joint drill SOF02 . Photo : Egyptian Armed Forces


The exercise, which lasted several days, featured training on storming a terrorist hotspot within a residential area, freeing hostages, arresting terrorist elements, and taking measures to confront improvised explosive devices.

It also featured carrying out stereotypical and atypical shooting and administering first aid for saving lives, according to the Egyptian army.

The training stages revealed a high level of combat skills and field expertise reached by the participating units, confirming their ability to carry out tasks with high accuracy and efficiency, the Egyptian army said in a statement.

The drill provided a rich field environment and mutual tactical experiences, it added.

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