Egypt condemns inclusion of Jordanian, Palestinian territories in a map of Israel by Israeli minister

Zeinab El-Gundy , Tuesday 21 Mar 2023

Egypt condemned on Tuesday the far-right Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich’s use of a map of Israel that includes Jordanian territories and the occupied Palestinian territories, describing it as "irresponsible behaviour."

Ahmed Abu Zeid, the new spokesperson of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ahmed Abu Zeid, the new spokesperson of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


In statements to the official Jordanian news agency Petra in Cairo, the spokesperson of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry Ahmed Abu Zeid described the incident as a blatant violation of the sovereignty of a sister Arab country and its recognised international borders as well as a violation of the peace treaty signed between Jordan and Israel.

Abu Zeid also affirmed Egypt's "full solidarity” with the Hashemite Kingdom.

In a private memorial service for French-Israeli Zionist activist Jacques Kupfer in Paris on Sunday, Smotrich quoted the late Kupfer who said “there are no Palestinians because there are no Palestinian people,” triggering widespread regional and international condemnation.

On Monday, Egypt condemned Smotrich’s statements about the Palestinian people, describing them as irresponsible and inflammatory remarks that fuel anger and tension among not only the Palestinian people but the people of the free world and people of conscience around the world.

Smotrich also spoke during the event in Paris at a podium draped with what appeared to be a map of Israel that included the occupied West Bank and parts of Jordan representing what some Israeli far-rights factions believe to be “Grand Israel.”

Jordanian Foreign Ministry slammed the map and warned against the radical minister’s statements, demanding the international community condemn such radical actions.

Jordan also demanded the Israeli government take a “clear stance” against those “radical statements” made by one of its minister.  

The Jordanian foreign ministry added that it will take all necessary legal and political actions to stand against those actions.

Jordan also summoned the Israeli ambassador to Amman over the incident.

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