Ricoh, formerly Fujitsu: PFU Limited rebrands scanners

Sunday 26 Mar 2023

Al-Ola Modern Systems has announced that PFU Limited is rebranding its fi, SP, and Scan Snap series of image scanners, which boast the largest market share globally, from Fujitsu brand to the Ricoh brand.



Upon completion of the company’s stock transfer on 1 September 2022, PFU joined the Ricoh Group. The company’s flagship scanning business will come under the Ricoh brand starting April 2023.

Moving forward, by adding the worldwide sales channels available to the Ricoh Group to the already existing channels of PFU, there are plans to extend the distribution of scanners to more customers.

Al-Ola was founded in 1986 to be one of the most reliable and fully custom digital transformation businesses in Egypt. Al-Ola Business Services is a full-service provider for information management, specialising in large scale document scanning and conversion services.

Al-Ola has a wide range of prestigious partners in the world of imaging solutions and scanners, spanning card scanners, A0 solutions and OMR solutions. The partners include Image Access, PFU Limited, Avision, Scantron, and Xerox.

Under the direction of its President and CEO Abdel-Hamid Kabeel, Al-Ola Modern Systems believes that document scanning is the first step in the digital transformation process.

Al-Ola has provided professional digitisation services for the top companies in Egypt. The company has scalable solutions to meet the needs of small family businesses and the largest corporations as well. Al-Ola does much more than just convert paper to digital documents, although many transformation efforts seem to start with those old original documents going digital. It convert any record type to any format of your desire.

“A paperless office, also called a paper-free office, is a work environment which uses minimal physical paper and instead uses primarily digital documents. The process of converting paper files into electronic files is known as digitisation,” Al-Ola stated.

By providing this service, Al-Ola explains the benefits of going paperless: “It saves space and money, facilitates the transfer of information, protects the environment, and boosts security.”

Al-Ola Modern Systems provides maintenance services in Egypt through its certified support centre and resolves customers’ hardware and software issues.

The company boasts more than 37 years of experience in its field.

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