Egypt's parliament approves tighter rules for enrollment at Police Academy

Gamal Essam El-Din , Wednesday 12 Apr 2023

Egypt's parliament – the House of Representatives – approved Tuesday a legislative amendments which sets new preconditions on prospective and new students at the Police Academy.

Egypt s Police Academy Headquarters
Egypt s Police Academy Headquarters

The amendments to the 1975 law, which regulates the performance of the Police Authority, stipulate that students who seek to enrol in the Police Academy must not hold a dual nationality, according to a report prepared by the House's Defence and National Security Committee.

"Those who seek to enrol at the academy must not themselves or any of their relatives be on the lists of those designated as terrorists," added the report.

The amendments also tighten other rules on new students once they have been accepted to the academy.

"New students in the Police Academy will be placed under a six-month probation period instead of the current four-month period," said the report.

“A disciplinary council will also be formed to be in charge of dismissing police academy students who fail to pass exams several times and abide by the accepted codes of conduct,” added the report.

The amendments also mandate that graduates of the Police Academy stay in service for a period of 10 consecutive years without having the right to resign or leave office.

"A new police officer, however, has the right to resign before the end of this ten-year period if they pay an amount commensurate with three times the cost of his four-year education in the Police Academy," said the report.

The amendment also introduces new rules for the dismissal of Police Academy students.

"Students will be dismissed from the academy if they failed to pass end of year exams several times; if they are absent from the academy for 15 days without justifiable reasons; and if they are deemed unfit during the academic year," said the report.

The Chairman of parliament's Defence and National Security Committee Ahmed El-Awadi said the new rules aim to create a new generation of police officers who are highly capable, highly educated and strongly aware of security challenges.

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