Ramses II colossus safe and sound at Grand Egyptian Museum after heavy rain

Nevine El-Aref , Thursday 13 Apr 2023

The magnificent colossus of King Ramses II, proudly on display at at its permanent location at the Grand Egyptian Museum's atrium, was unaffected by Thursday’s heavy rain, according to Major General Atef Moftah, the supervisor of the museum project and the surrounding area.

King Ramses II
king Ramses II on display at Grand Egyptian Museum’s safe


Moftah dismissed rumours on social media claiming that the rainfall had affected the colossus, stating that they were unfounded.

"Ramses II colossus is safe and sound and was not and will not be affected by rainwater, as well as the museum and all its open spaces and galleries are in the best state of preservation," he confirmed.

Moftah went on to explain that the rain was expected, and the museum's architectural design and construction had taken it into account and the rain does not represent any danger to the museum or its treasured collection.

The atrium, located between the commercial area and the museum’s building, has a unique ceiling that is covered with hollow aluminum panels that refract sunlight and allows for natural ventilation and lighting, thereby saving energy and reducing temperatures in the summer. Channels on the roof collect rainwater and reuse it in the museum's landscape irrigation.

"The museum's construction process was carried out scientifically, methodically, accurately and with precision, which provides visitors with a distinguished and appropriate experience in all seasons," emphasised Moftah.

As with any other colossal granite statue, Ramses II's statue is designed to be displayed in open spaces and remains unaffected by rainwater due to its granite composition. Moftah clarified that the commercial area was also completely covered and unaffected.

"The museum building, including the exhibition halls, is entirely covered, with drainage networks in place, particularly in the atrium, to drain rainwater immediately."

"It is not the first time that rain falls in this area," Moftah said, assuring visitors that the museum is well-prepared for any weather eventuality.

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