The Memory of the City: Cairo 1881–1954 photo exhibition

Amira Noshokaty , Tuesday 18 Apr 2023

The National Organisation for Urban Harmony (NOUH) celebrated International Heritage Day by launching a photography exhibition titled "Memory of the City: Buildings and Urban Life in 1881–1954 Cairo."

photo exhibition titled Memory of the city, courtesy of NOUH


“The exhibition, hosted in El-Hanager within the premises of the Cairo Opera House, depicts rare photos of buildings that were preserved and documented by Khedive Tawfik through the Heritage Preservation Committee during his reign," revealed Mohamed Abu Seada, Chairperson of the NOUH.

This exhibition is the latest of the NOUH's urbanisation documentation efforts. In addition, the NOUH has issued books under the same "Memory of the City" title that document Egyptian districts' social and architectural heritage, such as Garden CityZamalek and Siwa.

A few years earlier, they launched their cultural awareness projects, "Lived Here" and "Street Story", where they would add signs containing mini-biographies of the people the streets are named after and the names of celebrities that lived in certain buildings. Both signs include QR codes, enabling passersby to scan and access the data online.


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