'Conflict in Sudan increases the urgency of national dialogue in Egypt': Rashwan

Gamal Essam El-Din , Wednesday 26 Apr 2023

The crisis in Sudan increases the urgency of holding the national dialogue in Egypt, especially with the rise of concern among Egyptians over the impact of the crisis on their country, said the dialogue's general coordinator Diaa Rashwan.

Diaa Rashwan

"Therefore, we should all prepare the ground for this dialogue to kick off on 3 May as planned, and we should ensure it succeeds and fulfils the aspirations of the Egyptian people," added Rashwan.

Rashwan also noted that the Egyptian state is expending considerable effort to find a peaceful solution to the crisis in Sudan and that it spares no effort in evacuating Egyptians and receiving other nationals fleeing from the conflict in Sudan.

He added that the dialogue will put all issues of major concern to the Egyptian people on the table and also set the country's national priorities in the coming stage.

Rashwan's remarks came as the National Dialogue's 19-member Board of Trustees prepares to hold a meeting on Wednesday afternoon to add the final touches to the dialogue's sessions.

"Today's meeting will look into the dialogue's final preparations and arrangements and review the names of figures who will attend the sessions," Rashwan told Extra News TV channel on Tuesday night.

He also indicated that the national dialogue will have 19 affiliated committees that will discuss as many as 113 political, economic and social topics.

"We will make sure that only those who can contribute to the debates and serve the dialogue participate in the sessions," said Rashwan, highlighting that the participants should come to the dialogue with meaningful legislative and executive proposals to be presented as final recommendations to President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi.  

The opening of Egypt's national dialogue on 3 May comes after more than one year of preparations and arrangements by its 19-member Board of Trustees.

Rashwan is expected to hold a press conference ahead of 3 May to announce the details of the dialogue sessions and to answer questions.

The vast majority of political parties welcomed the opening date of the dialogue, according to the dialogue's Secretary-General Mahmoud Fawzi

Liberal and leftist political parties said they want the outcomes of the dialogue to include a package of political reforms of laws regulating the exercise of political rights, political parties, elections and pre-trial detention.

During a Ramadan Iftar banquet in April 2022, President El-Sisi invited almost all political parties and factions, as well as intellectuals and experts, to hold a National Dialogue to draw up a roadmap determining the country's political and economic priorities until the year 2030.     


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