Egyptian Naval forces rescue 24 tourists and 11 crew after boat capsizes in Red Sea

Ahmed Eleiba , Thursday 27 Apr 2023

The Egyptian Naval Forces rescued 27 tourists of different nationalities and 11 Egyptian crew and divers after evacuating them from a tourist boat which capsized in the vicinity of the Red Sea Naval Base, according to a statement released by the Egyptian Armed Forces on Thursday.

File Photo: Tourists and crew members of the saved Yacht in a photo with Egyptian Navy units personnel and officers. Photo courtesy Egyptian Armed Forces Spokesperson Facebook page.


The statement explained that an SOS signal was received from the boat, which was carrying 14 Britons, three Germans, four Belgians, three Spaniards, one Irish and one Swiss tourist, in addition to 11 Egyptians - eight crew and three divers.

The General Command of the Egyptian Armed Forces immediately issued orders to dispatch a coastal patrol boat to carry out assistance and rescue efforts, the statement continued.

The patrol boat succeeded in rescuing all the passengers on board the tourist boat and provided all necessary medical and administrative care to them upon their arrival at the navy pier, the statement added.

"This comes as part of the efforts of the Egyptian Naval Forces to support maritime search and rescue operations in all strategic directions along the Egyptian coasts," the statement concluded.

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