Greater Cairo, North Coast to see lower temperature, strong winds through Friday

Ahram Online , Sunday 7 May 2023

Greater Cairo and the North Coast will experience strong winds and lower temperatures across many of its regions through Friday, said the Egyptian Metrological Authority.

File photo: Cars move on Qasr El-Nile bridge after heavy rainfall in Cairo, Egypt. Mahmoud Madh El-Nabi

Greater Cairo and the North Coast will experience colder mornings and strong winds on most days throughout the week, with light sporadic rain expected to fall on the region on Sunday, according to the EMA.

Meanwhile, rain will continue to fall on the Northeastern Coast on Monday.

The EMA predicted that South Sinai, while sporting hot daytime weather for the whole week, will see strong winds through Tuesday at intermittent times.

All areas will experience moderately cold daytime.

Cold early mornings will give way to moderately warm weather for the rest of the day throughout the week in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, and Northern Upper Egypt, the EMA forecast.

Meanwhile, the weather will stay mild during the daytime in the North Coast, while Southern Upper Egypt will experience hot daytime temperatures.

The weather in the northern regions of the country, from Greater Cairo to Northern Upper Egypt, will remain moderately cold during the night throughout the week.

Similarly, South Sinai and Southern Upper Egypt will see moderately cool night weather for the entire week, the EMA said.  

Furthermore, morning mist is expected on roads leading to and from Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, North Coast, Suez Canal cities, Central Sinai, and Northern Upper Egypt.

Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt will experience moderate highs of 27-29 degrees Celsius through Thursday – a significant drop from last weekend’s temperatures – with an uptick of 32 degrees Celsius on Friday, the EMA confirmed.

Moreover, the region will see lows of 15-18 degrees throughout the week.

The North Coast will experience highs of 22-26 degrees and lows of 16-17 degrees through Friday, the EMA forecast.

Temperatures will rise to a high of 30 degrees in South Sinai through Tuesday and to 33-34 Wednesday through Friday.

The region will see lows of 20-21 degrees through Friday, the EMA added.

Similarly, temperatures in Northern Upper Egypt will rise to a high of 29 degrees through Tuesday, only to rise again to a high of 32-34 degrees Wednesday through Friday.

The area will, however, experience low temperatures of 17-19 degrees, the EMA predicted. 

Southern Upper Egypt will experience a high of 33 degrees through Tuesday, and 35-36 degrees Wednesday through Friday.

It will see lows of 20-21 degrees through Friday, the EMA confirmed. 


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