Keeping your make-up intact in summer

Amany Abdel-Moneim , Tuesday 16 May 2023

When temperatures soar, you can use products in creative ways to keep things intact. Water-based, waterproof, and powder make-up items are better during summer

Keeping your make-up intact
Keeping your make-up intact


Applying make-up can be difficult. But applying it on a sweltering hot day is a real challenge. The toughest job in summer is to keep your make-up intact in the scorching heat. 

But seasons change, and so should your make-up routine. When temperatures soar, you can use products in creative ways to keep things intact. Water-based, waterproof, and powder make-up items are better during summer. 

Summer can make your skin sweat. The harmful rays of the sun can not only melt your make-up and end up making you look duller, but can also damage your skin by penetrating deep into it. Here are some tips to keep your make-up intact this season.


Begin with a clean face:

Cleansing the skin with plenty of cool water before putting on make-up is very important. Use your face cleanser to get rid of all the excess oil and refresh your skin. After cleansing, use chilled rose water to tone and cool the skin and close the pores. You can also wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth and wipe the face with it for a few seconds. If the skin is oily, apply an astringent lotion, using cotton wool. 


Do your make-up in a cool space:

Invest in a small clip-on fan for your make-up area and start the fan up to 10 minutes before starting your cosmetic applications. Alternatively, you can pump up the air-conditioning. This simple move will circulate the air for comfort and for a better make-up application. Your make-up will glide on more easily, and you won’t be contending with slippage as you work.


Use light-weight formulas:

Avoid rich, thick moisturisers, heavy concealers and foundations that could easily melt off and opt instead for lighter formulas that have a runny consistency to keep up with the breezy vibe of the season. You can trade your moisturisers for water-based ones that provide sheer coverage and optimum nourishment to your skin.


Choose SPF-infused formulas:

Use products that are multi-functional and that work as a moisturiser, SPF, and foundation all in one instead of layering too many products on your skin and ultimately wearing thick layers. Make sure the SPF of the formula you use is above 30 and has a broad spectrum.


Try this eyeshadow hack:

Use your favourite liquid matte lipstick as an eyeshadow for your eye make-up, helping it to last all day. You can also use lipstick as a blusher.

Go for a waterproof formula:

To prevent your make-up from melting due to sweating and heat, choose a waterproof liquid formula that stays on even when you’re outdoors. Avoid cream foundations. You can use a dense foundation brush and then apply setting spray on a make-up sponge and blend your make-up with tapping motions. You can also opt for a waterproof mascara to stick to your eyelids even on a hot and sweaty day.


Don’t skip the primer:

A primer is essential to keep your make-up in place on a hot summer day. It creates a barrier between the skin and make-up to ensure longevity. For the best effect, opt for one with mattifying, anti-shine, long-wear or sweat-proof qualities.


Consider the finish:

Use formulas that have a dewy, natural finish to ensure that your skin looks luminous and shiny and not dry and matte in this rather dull season.


Lock-in with powder:

Apply a loose powder in key areas where the make-up tends to disappear first, such as around the nostrils, the T-zone, and under the eyes. For extra security, use a finishing spray to increase the longevity of your make-up.


Freshen your look:

No matter how well you apply your make-up for the heat, touch-ups are inevitable. First, cool yourself down to stop sweating. Then, blot any excess shine with blotting paper. Use a make-up brush or sponge to smooth your foundation and blusher. If needed, apply a dab of concealer under the eyes to brighten them and reapply over any blemishes. Add powder and a setting spray for a refreshing look.

*A version of this article appears in print in the 18 May, 2023 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly

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