When the wind blows: Battling the fury of dust storms!

Ahram Online , Sunday 28 May 2023

Get ready for dramatic weather in Egypt! The coming days will bring a mix of dusty winds, thundering rain and fluctuating temperatures.

File Photo: cars on a high way road near Cairo during a sandstorm. Al-Ahram


According to the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA), strong winds will sweep across the northwest coast on Sunday, causing dusty weather in several regions, including Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, Sinai, the Red Sea mountains and southern parts of the country.

The Ministry of Environment advises the elderly and people with respiratory and chest diseases to avoid outdoor activities during the day to protect themselves from the possible negative effects of the dusty atmosphere.

But, wait, there’s more! The EMA predicts cloudy weather for the day in Sinai, the Red Sea mountains, the Suez Canal coast, Aqaba and Upper Egypt. Moderate rainfall is expected, accompanied by intermittent thunderstorms.

The EMA even warns of possible flooding in certain areas, including central and South Sinai, the Suez Canal coast and the Red Sea mountains.

Light to moderate rainfall is also expected in other regions such as the North Coast, Lower Egypt, and the cities along the Suez Canal. Even Greater Cairo could experience a light drizzle.

Through the rest of the week, strong winds will prevail in various regions of the country, but fortunately no dust is expected. Southern Upper Egypt will experience these strong gusts on Monday, while strong winds will hit the north coast and Greater Cairo from Tuesday to Friday. South Sinai can expect strong winds from Wednesday to Friday.

South Sinai, the Red Sea mountains, and the southern regions of Egypt may experience light to moderate rainfall.

Weekly temperature outlook

The country will be blisteringly hot throughout the week.

In Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt, highs will be 31-34 degrees Celsius and lows will be 20-21 degrees.

On the North Coast, slightly cooler temperatures can be expected with highs of 25-29 degrees and lows of 19 degrees.

In the south of Sinai it will be very hot with highs of 34-38 degrees and lows of 22-24 degrees.

Northern Upper Egypt will be similarly hot during the day, with highs of 32-38 degrees and lows of 22 degrees.

Finally, southern Upper Egypt will be even hotter, with highs of 38-41 degrees and lows of 25-26 degrees.

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