​Don’t miss out a concert of unique fusion project features H.O.H band at Tahrir Cultural Centre

Reham El-Adawi , Tuesday 30 May 2023

H.O.H band featuring Hany Eldakak, Ousso Lotfy, and Hany Adel
H.O.H band featuring Hany Eldakak, Ousso Lotfy, and Hany Adel


Beit Al-Seheimi
Al-Muaaz St, Al-Darb Al-Asfar Alley, Al-Gamalya District, Tel 02 2787 8865
Every Sunday, 8pm: The Nile Troupe for Folk Instruments performs dances and songs from Upper Egypt on mizmar, tabla and other traditional musical instruments.
Every Friday, 8pm: “Alaragouz wa Khayal Al-Zel” (The Shadow Puppet), a free public performance by clowns in Al-Muaaz Street, presented by Wamda and directed by Nabil Bahgat




Cairo Opera House

Gezira Exhibition Grounds, Tel 02 2737 0602/2736 0361, box office 02 2739 0132/0144

Main Hall

Sat 3, 8.30pm: The Cairo Symphony Orchestra

Thurs 8, 8.30pm: A gala concert by the Cairo Opera Company and the Cairo Opera Orchestra

Open-Air Theatre

Wed 7, 8.30pm: Little Fingers Orchestra, conducted by maestro Ragi Elmoqdam

Small Hall

Thurs 1, 8.30pm: The Talents Development Centre concert. 

Fri 2, 8.30pm: Balance Quartet concert.

Mon 5, 8.30pm: Viola and piano recital.  

Thurs 8, 8.30pm: Violin, cello and harp recital by Yasmine Samy, Mohamed Ahmed and Mona Wassif.  


Falaki Theatre

AUC Tahrir Campus, Downtown, 24 Falaki St, Downtown Cairo, Tel 012 88721446

Thurs 1 and Fri 2 June, 8pm: Experience a mesmerizing dance solo that explores the depths of self-anatomy with an interplay of sound, light, and movement choreographed and performed by Shaymaa Shoukry. This captivating performance takes the audience on a mystical journey of self-discovery and inner reflection. Tickets via ticketsmarche.com



Goethe Institute

17 Hussein Wassif St, Mesaha Sq, Dokki, Tel 02 2575 9877

Thurs 8, 8pm: Zaii Zaman is an ensemble which, as its name indicates, remains faithful to many traditions of Arabic music, through the format of the ensemble and music they perform.

Founded by violinist and composer Ahmed Hassan, Zaii Zaman evokes nostalgia and longing for Egypt’s artistic Golden Age (1940s-1960s) trying to fuse the yawning gap that separates the present from the past, including in the cultural arena, since the intervening decades have brought about a lot of changes. 



Al-Gumhouriya Theatre

12 Al-Gumhouriya St, Abdin, Tel 02 2390 7707 

Sun 4, 8.30pm: A concert of songs composed by the late Baligh Hamdy.   




Al-Ghouri Caravansary 
Mohamed Abdou St, off Al-Muaaz St and Al-Azhar St, Tel 02 2514 7475
Al-Tanoura whirling dervishes perform to live Sufi music
(Performances every Sat and Wed, 7.30pm)



1 Saad Zaghloul St, Al-Mounira, Cairo, Tel 2792 0878 

Every Tuesday, 8pm: Mawawil features vocalists Hend and Sara in a repertoire of traditional music of the Nile Delta, Al Jaafra music played by Arab Tribes from Aswan and Nass Makan band.

Every Wednesday, 8pm: Zar music and songs by Mazaher ensemble featuring Umm Sameh, Umm Hassan and Nour Al-Sabah.


Rawabet Art Space

5 Hussien El-Meaamar St. ext. of Mahmoud Bassiouny St, from Talaat Harb Square, Downtown

Thurs 1, 8pm: A concert where oud player Aly Eissa will release his new album Gouda Bar. Featuring his diverse musical influences, Eissa’s compositions create versatile and twisted meditative atmospheres throughout the musical experience. And for the second part of the concert, Abo Sahar from Upper Egypt, will blend authentic and contemporary music, creating a whole new wave that genuinely encompasses your inner nature, your true being. 

Sun 4, 9pm: Wezza and Rashed will perform together for the first time at Rawabet Art Space. Don’t miss a night of their all-time favorite hits with Wegz, Afroto, Marwan Moussa and others in their album launch concert.

Wed 7, Fri 9, Sat 10, Mon 12, Tues 13, 8.30pm: Zobaida Beyond the Horizon is back on the stage this year, in celebration of the choir project’s 13th anniversary. The musical production is created and performed by a workshop, where the script and lyrics, musical composition, and artistic vision were collectively developed by participants. (Tickets purchased online can be printed at Rawabet Art Space during business hours or one hour before showtime).



Room Art Space & Café
10 Etihad Al Mohamin, Garden City, Tel 01000 068 159

Thurs 1, 9pm: Fairouz tribute night - Michael Onsy Ensemble features Batoul El-Abd.

Fri 2, 9pm: Laughter Party will perform its 1st standup comedy show.

The Spot mall, infront of AUC Gate 4, New Cairo

Thurs 1 and Tues 6, 9pm: Karaoke night. 

Sat 3, 9pm: Al Hezb El Comedy is back with a new line up of awesome and new comedians for a great night of laughter.

Sun 4, 9pm: Stand-up comedy night with the funniest out there line up:
Ahmed Magdy, Mohamed Hassanin, Ahmed Maged, Mohamed Halawa, Hamza Baha, and Mina Risha. 



El Sawy Culturewheel

End of 26th of July St, underneath the 15th of May Bridge, Zamalek, Tel 2736 8881/6178/2737 4448 

River Hall

Thurs 1, 8pm: The Sinatra show by Gaby Bishara. 

Sat 3, 9pm: A singing recital by Ali El Haggar

Wed 7, 8pm: Singer Wael El-Fashny is back. 

Wisdom Hall

Thurs 1, 6.30 and 8.30pm: El Sawy Culturewheel Puppet Theatre show revives the concerts of Umm Kolthoum performing two of her much-loved songs, Seret El Hob (saga of love) and Enta El Hob (you are love).  

Thurs 8, 8pm: Egyptian blues concert by Mustafa Rizk

Word Hall

Thurs 1, 8pm: Piano recital by Kareem Gohar



Tahrir Cultural Centre (TCC) 

AUC’s Tahrir Campus, Al-Sheikh Rihan St, off Tahrir Square, Tel 02 2615 2694/01280009077

Main Garden

Tues 6, 9-11pm (concert is free and open to the public): Acoustic Fusion Project; get ready to experience a musical rearrangement like never before as lead singers from Egypt’s top bands come together for a unique fusion project! H.O.H band, featuring Hany Adel, Hany Eldakak, and Ousso Lotfy, is all set to take audiences on imaginative reinvention. (Entry is on first-come, first-served basis).

Oriental Hall

Sat 10, 8-10pm: Experience the magical sound of The Arpeggione Duo comprised of Thomas Schonberg on cello and Chris Kachian on guitar, this exceptional duo creates a fresh and unparalleled sound by blending two classical instruments. 

Their program this year begins in Spain and Portugal, where guitar music gets its historical root and concentrates on the music of Latino cultures; they focus on performing eloquent and moving concert interpretations of folk music from around the globe. The Arpeggione Duo’s conviction is to blend art music with "people's music" and to synchronize it all their Portuguese works are adaptations of Fados, a distinctive Portuguese musical genre for solo vocal, guitar, and Portuguese guitar. Lamma Bada Yatathanna, a piece with Arabic and Andalusian roots, is one of the season’s central pieces. An arrangement of this song by Jordanian composer Salam Murtada will be presented.






Alexandria Opera House (Sayed Darwish Theatre) 

Fouad St, Mahatat Al-Raml, Alexandria, Tel 03/486 5106

Fri 2, 8.30pm: The Arab Music Heritage ensemble in a repertoire of classical Arab songs. 



Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Port Said St, Chatby, Alexandria 21526, Tel (03) 4839999 

Main Hall 

Thurs 1, 8pm: Sufi chanting concert by Bodchichya (Morocco). 

Small Hall

Fri 2, 8pm: Naheli concert. 

A version of this article appears in print in the 1 June, 2023 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly

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