Egypt's Untapped Aviation Potentials

Sunday 4 Jun 2023

"Egypt's strategic location paves the way for its transformation into a regional tourism & transshipment hub, ensuring a dynamic cargos and voyagers' traffic, while achieving economic growth": International Aviation Expert says.



Coinciding with moving to the well-established Matouk Bassiouny and Hennawy Law Firm as a Partner and Head of the Aviation Practice, Legal Consultant and Aviation Law Expert – Sherif El Hosseny, stated that Egypt is uniquely distinguished with its competitive strategic location at the heart of the MENA region, closely adjacent to the African, Asian, and European continents.

Such exclusive edge is paving the way for our beloved country to become a regional hub for tourism, and transshipments; ensuring a dynamic traffic for cargos and voyagers, while achieving economic growth through availing hard currency, and opening new channels for local and foreign investments.

Leveraging our unrivaled national potentials, El Hosseny has elaborated on making the most of the Egyptian aviation industry through encouraging public-private partnerships (PPPs), pumping further investments into the sector, while inaugurating more cutting-edge airports. He underpinned the necessity of creating a compelling business environment to thrive with the industry, while coining sound legislations and regulations to perfectly serve this purpose in full compliance with all the international obligations Egypt has under the various international conventions it is a party to.

Thanks to his wealthy 23 years of experience, his rare specialization in Aviation Law, alongside with his honorable recognition in both Legal500 and The Aviation Magazine, Sherif El Hosseny is currently moving to Matouk Bassiouny and Hennawy Law Firm which proudly operates in Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, and Algeria, occupying the position of Partner and Head of the Aviation Sector. Before joining Matouk Bassiouny and Hennawy, the seasoned Legal Consultant and Aviation Law Expert has been one of the prominent founding partners of Rizkana & Partners for almost 7 years. In addition, he proficiently served as the legal consultant

for Kato Investment – Cairo for 6 years, as well as being a local partner at Baker & McKenzie International – Egypt, spending more than 9 years.

Commenting on his new prestigious yet challenging position, El Hosseny noted: "Joining the reputable firm of Matouk Bassiouny and Hennawy shall generously provide yearned exposure to the aviation and aircraft world, privileged with its esteemed and witnessed regional presence. I'm looking forward to best utilize my academic and professional expertise, optimizing my commended know-how in dexterously handling approximately 70% of Egypt's overall aviation transactions over the past 2 and half decades."

Sherif El Hosseny holds a Bachelor Degree in Political Science with an International Relations Specialization from The American University in Cairo (AUC). Pursuing his passion for Law and Aviation, he complemented his studies with another Bachelor Degree in Law from Cairo University, and honed his competencies with a Master's Degree in International Air and Space Law with distinction (LL.M) from Leiden University – The Netherlands.

El Hosseny enjoys a track record of unparalleled success in the legal consultancy arena; covering an array of fields like Banking and Finance, Aviation, Acquisitions, Real Estate, and Hospitality. His sincere endeavors have been crowned by being ranked by Chambers & Partners for years, applauding his expertise in the banking & finance, and the aviation arenas.

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