Egyptian pop charts dominated by summer hits during hot Eid Al-Adha season

Eslam Omar , Friday 30 Jun 2023

The Eid Al-Adha holiday in Egypt and Arab countries has officially kicked off the summer season, which is seeing a surge in pop star releases despite similarities in lyrics and music arrangements.

Ahmed Saad
A shot from Ahmed Saad's new music video Ekhtayaraty; the theme song of Mr Ex comedy film of Ahmed Fahmy and Hana El Zahed


Pop stars released new, upbeat dance tracks with Maqsoum beats, oriental dance rhythm, to add to the festive mood of the Eid Al-Adha season.

Ahmed Saad's Ekhtayaraty (My Choices), a pop tune with a shaabi flavor, continues to lead the charts. The song was released as the theme song for the Eid Al-Adha film Mr. Ex".

The music video for Ekhtayaraty features Saad dancing on a beach club with cast members from the film, including Ahmed Fahmi, Hana El Zahed, and Bayoumi Fouad.

Ekhtayaraty has maintained its position at the top of the charts in Egypt and other Arab countries on most music streaming platforms, thanks to the contrast between Menna Adli El Kiey's dark lyrics and the upbeat dance melodies and arrangements by Ahmed Tarek Yehia. The song has already gained over 2.5 million views on YouTube since its release a week ago. 

‘Ekhtayaraty’ gained over 1.5 million hits on Anghami, surpassing the latest release of megastar Amr Diab ‘Khallas Ala Alby’ (“Finish My Heart”) that is exclusively available on the Arab leading music platform.

Khallas Ala Alby follows Amr Diab's typical recipe for summer, with maqsoum beats and funny, romantic Egyptian slang lyrics. The song was written by Mohamed El Bogha, composed by Mohamed Yehia, and arranged by Osama El Hendy.

The 61-year-old evergreen star is currently trending for appearing in a telecom advertisement with his son. He also holds multiple spots on the Anghami charts with earlier releases, including El-Hafla, Batamen Aleik, Enta El-Hazz, Madhouk Alina, and other exclusive releases.

Tamer Hosni's Hormone ElSaada (The Joy Hormone), the theme song of his film Tag, is dominating YouTube.

Hormone ElSaada, written by Ahmed Gaber, composed by Ali El-Khawaga, and arranged by Hatem Mohsen, is another maqsoum song spreading the vibes of summer night parties on the season's chart.

The music video for Hormone ElSaada features shots from the comedy-romance film where Tamer Hosni portrays a superhero, which he wrote and was directed by Sarah Wafik.

Shaabi icon Hakim confirmed his presence in the Eid Al-Adha season with Habaibna (Our Beloved), a fast-paced maqsoum tune that celebrates the gathering of family and friends during sweet nights, sure to get people dancing at wedding parties. The song was released on Tuesday.

Emirati singer Hussain Al Jassmi joined the Egyptian pop summer season with his new single Balbata, celebrating the holiday of swimming in hot weather.

Balbata, written by Ihab Abdel-Azim and composed by Amr El-Shazly, is steadily gaining attention and climbing the charts since its release on Thursday.

Bahaa Sultan released El Gaw Wallaa, another maqsoum tune with comic flirting phrases.

Bahaa Sultan secured a spot on the summer club playlists with El Gaw Wallaa, featuring lyrics by Bassem Adel, composition by Mohammed Yehia, and arrangement by Wessam Abd Al Moneim.

Samaa Hoss, the theme song for the movie Beit El-Ruby, is still gaining attention two weeks after its release. The song features Mahmoud El-Esseily and the two film stars Karim Abdel-Aziz and Karim Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz.

Other popular songs this season include releases from pop stars Ramy Sabry and Tamer Ashour, Shaabi artists Abdel-Baset Hamouda, Reda El-Bahrawy, and Tarek El-Sheikh, Mahraganat artists Mohamed Ramadan, Essam Saasa, Muslim, and Houda Bondok, and a new release from rapper Wegz.

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