Russia-Africa Summit to discuss strengthening economic, humanitarian relations

Amr Yehia , Wednesday 5 Jul 2023

The Second Russia–Africa Summit and the Russia–Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum will take place in St. Petersburg at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre on 27–28 July 2023.

Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin. AFP

The events aim to comprehensively strengthen Russian-African cooperation and outline the trajectory of Russia’s long-term relations with African countries.

The forum programme includes more than 30 panel sessions and thematic events on the most important issues involving cooperation between Russia and African states.

“African countries will obviously play an increasingly important role in the emerging architecture of a multipolar world. Bolstering ties between Russia and Africa in security as well as sustainable economic and humanitarian development creates the basis for the establishment of powerful, prosperous, and safe regions in the new realities,” said Anton Kobyakov, an Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation and Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee for the two Russia–Africa events.

The forum’s business programme consists of four major thematic pillars that encompass all areas of Russian-African cooperation: ‘The New Global Economy’, ‘Integrated Security and Sovereign Development’, ‘Cooperation in Science and Technology’, and ‘The Humanitarian and Social Sphere: Working Together for a New Quality of Life’.

Kobyakov affirmed that “ The programme of the pillar ‘The New Global Economy’ will focus on what kind of prospects Russian businessmen have for doing business in Africa."

Experts will discuss topics such as expanding business cooperation between Russia and African countries, export potentials amid new global challenges, as well as cooperation in agriculture, energy, and logistics.

The main themes of the ‘Integrated Security and Sovereign Development’ pillar will be international security, political stability, food security, as well as joint efforts to combat epidemics and emergencies. The key question for discussion on this pillar is: “How can Russia’s experience in ensuring  security be beneficial to African countries?”

During panel discussions of the ‘Cooperation in Science and Technology’ pillar, experts will discuss advanced technological collaboration between Russia and Africa. The key themes of the pillar are industrial cooperation as a means towards technological sovereignty, and advanced technologies important to Africa’s sustainable development. Separate sessions will be devoted to nuclear, digital, and healthcare technologies.

During the discussions, speakers will discuss how high-tech solutions could unleash Africa’s potential and create wide positive socioeconomic impacts.

As a multipolar world takes shape, cooperation in humanitarian affairs is of particular importance. This vast area of focus covers many channels for cooperation in education, culture, sports, and empowerment for women and young people.

These topics will be addressed as part of the pillar ‘The Humanitarian and Social Sphere: Working Together for a New Quality of Life’, added Kobyakov.

Events on the sidelines of the Russia–Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum will include the Media Forum, the Congress of University Rectors, a roundtable of supreme Russian and African audit institutions, and youth programme events. Sessions of the Creative Business Forum, the Healthy Life Forum, and a special cooperation forum between Russian and African government agencies and enterprises engaged in the precious metals industry, along with many other events will also be held, concluded Kobyakov.

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