New album plus Europe & US tour: Hamza Namira gears for busy fall

Ati Metwaly , Sunday 9 Jul 2023

Egyptian singer Hamza Namira is preparing to perform concerts in the USA, the Netherlands, Germany and France, promoting his upcoming album across two continents.

Hamza Namira


Namira himself announced the news of his concerts on his Instagram page, revealing early performances in Washington DC and Paris, as well as through booking agencies in Utrecht and Berlin.

Namira will return to the state-of-the-art events venue, Capital Turnaround, in Washington DC on 8 September, performing for an audience of almost 1,000 people. This marks his first appearance in the American capital in three years.

The singer-songwriter's upcoming tour in Europe is being promoted as his New Album Europe Tour.

While there are currently no specific details about the new album, Namira provided some hints about it last June in a social media video featuring poet and lyricist Mahmoud Farouk.

"My love for music was triggered during a chill out in front of the sea. My new album also started during a chill out at the seashore. I consider the process of writing music to be most difficult, as I try to translate the emotions trapped inside of me and situations into songs which can reach hearts of many people. My sixth album is almost ready. Are you ready?" Namira says in a short video announcing his upcoming album.

Yesterday, Namira reconfirmed news about his sixth album on Twitter saying: "Now I can say that the new album is finished. Get ready!"


Since his debut album, Ehlam Maaya (Dream with Me) in 2008, Hamza has released four more successful albums: Insan (A Human, 2011), Esmaani (Listen Up, 2014), Hateer Min Tany (I'll Fly Again, 2018), and Mawlood Sanat 80 (Born in the Year 80, 2020).

In December 2022, Namira launched Namira Lounge, a collection of instrumental versions of eight of his popular songs.

European Tour

Namira's upcoming European tour will feature a performance in Paris at Le 13ème Art, an 800-seat venue, on 15 September. This will not be his first time in France, as he played for hundreds of fans in several cities including Paris and Marseille last year.

Namira also has a significant following in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where he performed at TivoliVredenburg, a modern music complex, last year. He is scheduled to make a comeback at the same venue on 16 September.

As part of his European tour, Namira is also set to perform in Berlin on 30 September, as announced by Marsm booking agency. Originally planned for June, the concert will take place at Berlin's Verti Music.

Since the start of 2023, the singer-songwriter has been on a demanding tour.

In March, he performed concerts across the US, with stops in Rahway (New Jersey), Boston (Massachusetts), and Dallas (Texas), followed by a June performance at London's Barbican Hall.

Namira, born in 1980, is a popular musician in the Arab world whose musical journey started during his teenage years when he began playing guitar, keyboard and oud. He was heavily influenced by his time in the band of Alexandrian artist Nabil Bakly between 1999 and 2004. While studying commerce at Alexandria University, he began performing and graduated in 2003.

During this time, Namira's unique style of meandering across genres such as light rock, jazz, and Latin music within Oriental music helped make the latter more accessible to Western audiences, gradually attracting a fan base as he began composing his own songs.

In 2007, the singer signed with Awakening Records, the British record label that has launched the careers of several prominent musicians such as Sami Yusuf, Mesut Kurtis, and Maher Zain.

Namira's debut album Ehlam Maaya (Dream with Me), released in 2008, drew the attention of fans and critics alike to the young talent. His cover of the well-known song Shedd El Hizam (Tighten Up Your Belt) by early 20th century Egyptian singer Sayed Darwish was particularly impressive and led many to describe Namira as the "new Sayed Darwish."

Namira has released five albums to date, as well as dozens of singles and collaborations with renowned Egyptian and Arab musicians including Eftekasat, Autostrad and Hamid Al Shaeri.

Namira's continued performances in Egypt, the Arab world, and internationally have expanded his fan base, attracting listeners from various music genres that he fuses into his songs.

Namira's YouTube channel boasts 4.3 million subscribers, with several of his songs, including popular hits like Fady Shwayya and Dary Ya Albi, which have amassed over 10 million views each. Fady Shwayya has garnered 268 million views, while Dary Ya Albi has been viewed 457 million times.

Namira is renowned for his philanthropic work, with his latest involvement being Hekayet Tefl, in collaboration with United Muslim Relief to support refugee children from the Syrian civil war in Jordan.


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