People’s Republican Party nominates Chairman Hazem Omar to run for Egypt’s 2024 presidential election

Gamal Essam El-Din , Sunday 9 Jul 2023

The Higher Council of the People’s Republican Party (PRP) unanimously nominated Chairman Hazem Omar to run as the party’s official candidate in Egypt’s 2024 presidential election, according to a statement on Saturday.

Hazem Omar
Chairman of the People s Republican Party (PRP) Hazem Omar


"The decision follows a secret ballot conducted by the party's general assembly on 5 July to nominate a candidate for the upcoming presidential election," said the PRP Secretary-General Mohamed Salah Abu Himila.

Last month, Diaa Rashwan, the general coordinator of the National Dialogue, stated that, according to the Egyptian Constitution, the deadline for opening the candidacy for Egypt's presidential elections is 3 December 2023.

Omar, who is a tourism enterpreneur, was appointed by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi to the Senate in 2020.

He currently serves as the chairman of the Senate's Arab, Foreign, and African Affairs Committee.

"His nomination aligns with the constitutional requirements outlined in Articles 141 and 142. These articles stipulate that a presidential candidate must secure endorsements from at least 20 members of parliament (MPs) to be eligible to run for office," said Abu Himila.

The PRP is the second-largest block in the House of Representatives, holding 50 out of 596 seats.

Abu Himila further disclosed that a "secretariat-general will be established to oversee the preparation of Omar's presidential campaign, including matters related to funding, administrative affairs, promotion and media coverage."

According to the statement, the PRP's decision to take part in the presidential elections is intended to encourage competition and give the party an opportunity to present its economic and political agenda to Egyptian citizens.

The decision also reflects "the party's commitment to a moderate leftist ideology, which seeks to counteract radical liberal policies that have adversely affected the majority of middle-income citizens, worsened the economic situation of farmers and workers, and disadvantaged those with limited incomes."

Apart from Omar, four additional candidates have announced their intention to participate in Egypt's presidential election. These include Abdul-Sanad Yamama, the chairman of El-Wafd Party; Fouad Badrawi, a former MP and member of the Wafd Party's Higher Council; Ahmed El-Fadaly, the chairman of the Democratic Peace Party, and Ahmed Tantawi, a former MP and former Chairman of El-Karama party.

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