Soad Massi, Emel Mathlouthi, Dina El-Wedidi featured in Dominique Dalcan album

Eslam Omar , Wednesday 12 Jul 2023

Three of the Arab world’s biggest female indie stars – Souad Massi (Algeria), Emel Mathlouthi (Tunisia) and Dina El-Wedidi (Egypt) – are being featured in the 2023 album of French electronic music producer Dominique Dalcan.

Soad Massi, Emel Mathlouthi, Dina El-Wedidi, Dominique Dalcan
Soad Massi (L), Emel Mathlouthi, Dina El-Wedidi, Dominique Dalcan (R)


Dalcan has already finished recording and mixing his 12-song album that includes singing in Arabic, French and English, featuring a number of acoustic instruments of the Middle East merged with electronic colours.

The album explores the theme of exile through a unique sonic experience; full of textural elements and rhythmic alterations that are wisely convoying the live instruments and the lovable vocals, in a neat harmonizing of Arabic music scales.

The three indie stars will be joined by six other Arab female singers, including Lynn Adib (Syria), Sulafa Elias (Sudan), Maryam Abou Al-Wafa (Morocco) and Hend Zouari (Tunisia), as well as Yara Lapidus and Yasmine Morcos (Lebanon).

Dalcan has already released the music video for his song with Soad Massi, titled Loin de Ma Terre (Far From My Land).


Emel Mathlouthi’s La Lumière Qui Est En Toi (The Light That Is in You) is ready for release soon, before El Wedidi’s Un Lien Entre Nous (A Link Between Us) that will be out weeks later.

“Like the high waves, I fly with you,” Dina El-Wedidi sings in her feature song that combines standard Arabic with Egyptian slang lyrics.

Dalcan will keep releasing singles from the album, with the full album scheduled to be made available across all music streaming platforms in October.

Born in Lebanon in 1967, Dominique Dalcan has had a notable career as a singer-songwriter. His debut was in 1992 with Entre l'étoile & Le Carré album. His 1996’s album Cannibale gained him substantial fame before he went on to establish his electronic two-man band Snooze.

In 2017, he released Temperance album which is among his remarkable works which won Victoires de la Musique’s electronic category award in 2018; the same year he launched his own label Ostinato.

Dalcan has performed frequently in France and in various venues across Europe, and collaborated with many musicians, as well as visual artists in a number of exhibitions and art installations.

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