Egyptian MP urges Prime Minister to take immediate action on collapsing buildings

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Monday 17 Jul 2023

MP Mohamed Zein El-Din, Secretary of the Mostaqbal Watan Party in Beheira Governorate, addressed the prime minister on the issue of collapsing buildings in Egypt, inquiring about the laxity in executing demolition orders across the country.

Egyptian Parliament

Zein El-Din questioned the authorities' laxity in implementing demolition orders for at-risk buildings and their condoning of building illegal floors.

seven-storey building in Rashid City, Behaira governorate, collapsed on Sunday, causing 13 injuries and three fatalities.

The MP noted that the list of victims included a 10-year-old boy.

"According to the governorate, four floors in the building were constructed before issuing Law No. 119 of 2008. In addition, a demolition order – never executed – was issued for three floors in the building that were built illegally without a licence," he said.

Zein El-Din emphasized that disasters leading to loss of lives and properties due to unexecuted demolition orders are not new and will likely continue to occur.

"Why are demolition orders not implemented immediately? Unfortunately, demolishing orders had been issued for most of the recently collapsed buildings in several governorates. These orders are never executed until a catastrophe occurs,” he exclaimed.

Furthermore, the MP urged all relevant authorities, particularly local municipalities, to promptly execute demolition orders to preserve lives and properties.

In conclusion, Zein El-Din stressed the urgent need to inventory all hazardous buildings that have already been earmarked for demolition or renovation to prevent the recurrence of any future tragedies.

A building that collapsed Monday in Cairo's Hadaeq El-Qubbah resulted in the death of 13. 

Hours before the collapse of the building in Hadaeq El-Qubbah, a building collapsed in Alexandria, resulting in the loss of two lives.

On 6 July, another two-storey building collapsed in the Gomrok neighbourhood of west Alexandria, resulting in one fatality.

Yet the highest number of casualties from a collapsed building – 10 people – remains the one resulting from the collapse of a 13-storey building in the neighbourhood of Sidi Bishr, in Alexandria, on 26 June. 

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