Russia-Africa Summit: Putin calls for deeper ties, increased trade with Africa

Amr Yehia from Saint Peterborough , Thursday 27 Jul 2023

President Vladimir Putin expressed Russia's interest in fostering relations with Africa, saying in his opening speech at the Russia-Africa Summit that the continent is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a speech at the plenary session of the second Russia-Africa summit in Saint Petersburg on July 27, 2023. AFP



Comoros President Gazali Othmani, also chairperson of the African Union, stated that Africa aims to build fair partnerships with all countries in the international system, especially in the economic field.

The second Russia-Africa Summit kicked off on Thursday in St Petersburg with the participation of 49 African countries and the presence of presidents Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and Vladimir Putin. 

The summit agenda includes discussions on the conflict in Ukraine, ensuring food security for Africa, and promoting economic and trade cooperation. 

Putin emphasized Africa's potential, highlighting the possibility of significantly increasing trade with African countries. 


Moreover, Russia expressed its commitment to providing continuous supplies of products to Africa, including wheat.

Othmani stressed that the summit offers an opportunity for African countries and organizations to strengthen future cooperation with Russia. He recognized Russia's strong presence in Africa through bilateral and multilateral cooperation, and emphasized Africa's aspiration to build equitable partnerships with all countries in the international system, especially in the economic field.

During a meeting before the summit's opening session, Putin expressed support for granting full membership to the African Union in the G20. He mentioned the growth in trade relations with African countries, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and sanctions. 

Russia was among the first countries to support Africa's membership in the G20, and Moscow expects this decision to be made in September during the G20 summit in New Delhi.
Putin also stated that Russia supports the African Union's participation in the work of leading international associations. He recognized the African Union as a leading regional organization that plays a crucial role in creating a modern security structure on the continent and helps secure Africa's rightful place in the global economic relations system.



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