Sudan neighbours need unified voice to end conflict in that country: Egypt FM to Chad meeting

Habiba Hamdy , Monday 7 Aug 2023

Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry stressed that Sudan's neighbours need to speak in a unified voice to convince the two parties in the armed conflict in that country to end hostilities.

Foreign ministers from Sudan's neighboring countries in their first ministerial meeting in Chad on Monday to discuss strategies for addressing the ongoing Sudanese crisis. Photo : Egyptian Foreign Ministry.


Shoukry's statements came during the first ministerial-level mechanism meeting of Sudan's neighbours that was hosted by Chad in its capital of N'Djamena on Monday and attended by ministers from Libya, Central Africa, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Eritrea.

"We need to speak with a unified voice to convince the two parties in the Sudanese conflict to cease hostilities," Shoukry told the meeting.

 “Our own leaders expect proposals for immediate measures to respond to a crushing humanitarian crisis in that country,” he added.

The ministerial-level mechanism, which aims to find a comprehensive solution to end the armed conflict in Sudan, was formed at the Sudan Neighbouring Countries Summit that was hosted by Egypt on 13 July.

A dire situation

In his speech today, the Egyptian foreign minister underscored the dire situation faced by millions of citizens of Sudan.

"The scale of human suffering is increasing every day, amid an unprecedented shortage of food, medicine, and the basics of life,” Shoukry stressed.

He cautioned against the “complete uncertainty” which characterizes the current political process in the country.

Shoukry also stressed that the Sudanese people were never a party to the start of this war and they all are looking to the initiative of their neighbours to end it.

Aid without conditions

The Egyptian foreign minister added that it is necessary to ensure that aid reaches those in need both inside and outside Sudan in a timely manner.

Sudan's neighbours should aid Sudan while respecting the country's sovereignty and without “imposing solutions or conditions on any one party," he added.

Since the outbreak of the conflict in Sudan in mid-April, Egypt has been coordinating with UN and international relief organizations to ensure the provision of the necessary aid to Sudanese refugees as well as millions of citizens facing a humanitarian catastrophe inside the country.

Egypt has received more than 200,000 out of an estimated total of 750,000 Sudanese who fled Sudan to neighbouring countries.

Joining hands

“Our leaders expect the Sudanese themselves to be up to the occasion and join hands with neighbouring countries,” Shoukry asserted on Monday.

“We hope that Sudan will return to exercising its historical role in supporting stability and peace in our Arab and African regions,” he said.

In conclusion, FM Shoukry reaffirmed Egypt’s keenness to mediate between the two warring Sudanese parties.

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